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Post Date:12/01/2017 6:16 PM

Local News Roundup for #Lafayette, California


Lafayette may buy former Blockbuster site to build city hall

It’s a big site, it’s well-located, it meets the downtown specific plan criteria and therefore would be a good candidate for a city office building.


The Great American
Single-Family Home Problem

Two years ago, Sonja Trauss, who leads a group called the Bay Area Renters’ Federation and is running for a seat on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, sued Lafayette, a nearby suburb, for violating the Housing Accountability Act, and settled out of court.


A look at Whole Foods’ first 365 store in the Bay Area

The new grocery store will include a burger restaurant, a cafe and a taqueria.





General Motors says self-driving taxi fleets coming in 2019
San Francisco Chronicle


Shared electric vehicles, charging stations on way to low-income communities in the Bay Area
Mercury News


How America’s Most Important Highway Fails
Wall Street Journal





A year after Ghost Ship, Oakland still has inspection troubles, illegal warehouses
San Francisco Chronicle


Court-ordered Berkeley homeless sheltering plan largely mirrors current services
East Bay Times


What should Santa Rosa look like? City revamping housing plans after fires
Santa Rosa Press Democrat





Key senator says tax bill likely to keep property tax deduction - a partial win, but still a big loss for Californians," by Jim Puzzangera and David Lauter for LATimes: "Like residents of other high-tax states, Californians would benefit from being able to continue to deduct some of the cost of property taxes on their federal returns. The Republican bill headed to a final vote in the Senate this week proposes to eliminate that deduction." Story


For California attorney general, suing Trump again and again is a team sport," by Ben Christopher in CALmatters: "... Becerra's office has put its name on 21 lawsuits against the Trump administration. By volume, that represents a rate of litigiousness unmatched by any of his counterparts in other states. But whereas the attorneys general of Washington, Hawaii, Maryland, and New York have been the first to file some of the year's most headline grabbing cases-the travel ban, the DACA case, and the Emoluments Clause suit, to name a few-Becerra has been more likely to spearhead lower-profile challenges or sit back and provide support while others take the lead." Story


Sessions hints at crackdown on recreational pot, affecting California, other states," by Kate Irby and Emily Cadei for McClatchy: "Attorney General Jeff Sessions hinted Wednesday that the Justice Department may take a tougher stance on recreational marijuana in the near future, a change in policy that would have a significant impact on the five states plus the District of Columbia that already allow the drug to be used for more than medicinal purposes." Story


Dianne Feinstein isn't letting up on probe into Trump-Russia investigation," by SacBee's Angela Hart: "Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent letters Wednesday to four former advisers of President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, seeking documents detailing possible contacts with Russia and discussions about Russian interference." Story


Tom Steyer has gathered 2.5 million signatures to impeach Trump. So why are Democrats so annoyed?" by LATimes Mark Z. Barabak: "the fact the petition drive has precisely zero chance of success - a Republican-led House will impeach Trump the day it elects Hillary Clinton queen of England - has led others to question Steyer's crusade." Story


Feinstein's bump stocks ban move back into the spotlight," by SacBee's Emily Cadei: "The renewed spotlight on the issue provides some much needed momentum for California Sen. Dianne Feinstein's legislation to ban the device, which has languished in the Senate as Washington's attention drifted on to other matters." Story


Legislature Has Paid Nearly $2 Million in Sexual Harassment Cases Over 25 Years, Report Says," by Katie Orr on KQED's The California Report: "New research shows the California Legislature has paid out at least $1.9 million over the past 25 years to settle sexual harassment claims, all of that taxpayer money." Story


She Didn't Say No. But She Didn't Say Yes," by Peggy Orenstein in The California Sunday Magazine: "On a foggy morning last summer, I met Liam*, 18, for breakfast at a San Francisco café. Liam was a slender boy, a little nerdy-looking, with dark hair and oversize plastic glasses - not the type I would have pegged as a player. He described himself as athletic but not varsity material. That's why, he figured, his surest route to respect once he got to high school was to hook up with as many girls as possible. 'There's a hierarchy among guys,' he explained, 'and it is completely based on sports, looks, who you're friends with, and your sex life - and on those things alone. Personality? Not really. Maybe if you're a funny guy, then you're 'the funny guy,' whatever. So bragging about how many girls I'd hooked up with, joking about it, was definitely a way to gain status.'" Story


Murphy vows to work with New York, California to fight GOP tax bill," by POLITICO's Ryan Hutchins: "Murphy said his state would be 'screwed' if the proposal becomes law, labeling it 'a tax hike for millions of people in New Jersey' and calling it "unconscionable." Story


California sues for-profit Ashford University over 'false promises'," by Lori Weisberg for San Diego Union-Tribune: "The suit, filed by state Attorney General Xavier Becerra, claims that the online school and Bridgepoint, a for-profit college chain, used illegal business methods to deceive and defraud students." Story


Rialto landscaper, a U.S. citizen, to get $20,000 after ICE agents arrested, detained him," by Alejandra Molina for Press-Enterprise: Story


Teaching LGBT history complicated by historical figures who didn't 'out' themselves," by Theresa Harrington: Story


Risk of Shark Attacks in California Has Plummeted, Researchers Say," by Danielle Venton for KQED: Story


Commander says he's been banished to 'broom closet' for daring to run for San Diego County sheriff," by San Diego Union-Tribune's Joshua Stewart: Story





Lafayette may extend moratorium on new senior housing, cites demand on emergency services

Carol Poore, center, and Jim McCullough, left, pick up a tray of food on July 9, 2015, from volunteer Tessa Anderson during senior lunch





Sphinx from 90-year-old movie set unearthed in California



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