St. Mary's Road Stabilization Project

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Construction was completed November 8, 2017.

At the City Council meeting on August 31, 2017, Valentine Corporation of San Rafael, CA, was awarded a contract in the amount of $493,369 to prepare the site to accommodate construction operations, mobilization, temporary fencing, temporary traffic control, dust control, water pollution control, clearing and grubbing, earthwork, creek diversion, 30” cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) concrete soldier piles, wood lagging, pervious backfill, 12” top layer of native soil, rock slope protection, storm drain outfall modification, chain link fence, metal beam guardrail, erosion control materials, and riparian restoration and planting. The work includes the furnishing of all labor, supervision, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals for the construction as directed by the City of Lafayette, in accordance with the plans, specifications and details, for a complete and functional project. All work shall be in full compliance with all additional local, regional, state and federal agencies with jurisdiction within the work area.

This is a federally-funded contract with a DBE Contract goal is six point one percent (6.1%).


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September 29, 2017
October 27, 2017