Taylor Blvd/Pleasant Hill Rd Safety Project


The City of Lafayette has awarded a contract to FBD Vanguard Construction, Inc., Livermore, CA in the amount of $138,890.00 to make safety improvements to the southbound lanes of Taylor Boulevard at the horizontal curve at the merge with Pleasant Hill Road.  The project will install a combination of metal beam guard rail and concrete barrier along the easterly edge of the pavement and in the merge gore area.  A high-friction surface treatment will be applied to the existing pavement on an approximately 400-foot segment of southbound Taylor Boulevard. 

Engineer's Estimate:  $134,000.

Bids Opened:  Thursday, January 19, 2017, 11:00 A.M. 


Contract Award
Bid Comparison Spreadsheet



Notice to Contractors

Project Special Provisions (including Plan)

Addendum #1 (1/3/17)
Addendum #2 (1/17/17)

 Planholders List