Downtown Congestion Study

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In 2015, Lafayette received a planning grant from the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) to conduct a comprehensive study of congestion in and around its downtown. ARUP leads a team of consultants are taking a fresh look at a decades-old problem that, to date, has had no easy solution. The team aims to break new ground with a broad range of multi-modal traffic improvement options, applying new technology and techniques. Lafayette will undertake a robust public engagement process to solicit participation from all stakeholders within the community. The City Council has a formed a Steering Committee to guide the consultant team’s effort throughout this study.

As part of the first phase of the study, the project consultants collected data and assessed existing traffic conditions as well as historical trends in the downtown area. ARUP then presented a briefing to a joint session of the City Council and Circulation Commission in November 2015 at the Community Hall at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center. Following this meeting, Lafayette launched a web-based survey to gather public opinions about traffic concerns and priorities to inform the consultants’ next step: developing a range of solutions for further public discourse. The survey ran from mid-November through December 2015. The results of that survey can be viewed here. As of spring 2016, the first study phase is nearing completion, and the project’s Steering Committee is sorting through all of the potential solutions that have been identified. 

In the second phase, which will commence in summer 2016, the best ideas will be evaluated using rigorous traffic models developed by ARUP.  Once this is completed, the City will launch a new round of public outreach to gather community opinions on the alternative scenarios. Look for opportunity to participate sometime during fall 2016.

Once armed with the technical analysis and public feedback, Lafayette hopes to develop a preferred plan that will serve as a long-term blueprint for future transportation projects and programs that will sustain a vibrant and viable Downtown Lafayette for many years to come.

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