After School Awesome

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Application opens June 4th! Click HERE to apply!

Application Process:

We will be reviewing applications as they are received. 

Priority registration is given based on 5 day care.  

If you are requesting care 1-4 days per week, the office will notify you of your acceptance no later than July 13th.

Upon acceptance to the program, students will be enrolled and the first months payment will be due at that time to complete the process.

The Program: 

After School Awesome is a City run after school program at the Lafayette Community Center. The program follows the Lafayette School District Calendar and is open on all school operating days. The program provides various activities for kids Kindergarten to 5th grade and is open from School Dismissal until either 4:30pm or 6:00pm each day. We are not open on school holidays or staff development days. For school holiday and staff development days, please see our other staff run programs like Awesome Days and Camp Awesome.

There is an initial application process opening on June 4th for Fall 2018. Children accepted into Fall will be given priority registration for Winter. 

The program will feature free play, sports, hikes, arts & crafts, science, homework help, and various other enrichment opportunities. The home of the program is at the Lafayette Community Center in the Cedar Room, but we will also be using various other facilities on site for activities. The program will be supervised by trained city staff who will provide a safe and fun environment. 


Students in the program will need to either purchase a bus pass at or find alternate transportation to the Community Center after school. Currently the Burton Valley Elementary Busses are the only ones that stop at the Community Center. There will be a bus for all release times including a 2:00pm bus for Late Kindergartners. Students will be received by City Staff at the Community Center upon arrival.  

2018/19  Seasons:

Fall - August 21st-November 30th

Winter - December 3rd-March 29th

Spring - April 8th-June 6th

You must commit to at least one day of the week for the whole quarter (i.e. Mondays). Occasional day changes can be requested, but must be requested at least 10 days in advance.


Below rates are total for the season, not monthly.

(click the season to see the rates)

Fall Rates

Winter Rates

Spring Rates

*Rate Description

Rates are TOTAL owed for the season
Rates are calculated based on $9/hr
Total rates for each day will be divided into monthly payments
For Example: FALL 1st-5th Every Day til 4:30pm total cost = $985.50 = average monthly payment of $246 over 4 months

Rates are subject to change

Total rates are broken down into payments that are made monthly and must be made by the 1st day of the month in question. Refund requests must be made at least 14 days in advance of the 1st day of the next month or you are responsible to pay the next months fee.

2018/19 Registration Schedule

June 4th - Registration Opens for Fall 2018

September 4th - Priority Registration Opens for Winter 2018/19

October 1st - Open Registration for Winter 2018/19

January 7th - Priority Registration for Spring 2019

February 4th - Open Registration for Spring 2019

2019/2020 Registration Schedule