Roundabout Art: Pleasant Hill Rd. at Olympic Blvd.

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Roundabouts became popular in the US in the 1990's and the movement has grown ever since.  Many communities have added public art in roundabouts as a way to provide beauty and interest to an engineering project and to provide more public access to art.  Well placed art can also provide an element of safety to motorists as the eye will "catch" an art piece from a distance thereby serving as an early warning system that something different is up ahead.

The City of Bend, Oregon is a great example of how a community has embraced roundabouts and public art. The city now has over 20 pieces of public art which the public can enjoy.  A video of the art pieces can be viewed here  Roundabout art had mixed reviews in the beginning in Bend, but now the community supports and embraces the art so much they have developed their own Roundabout Art Route Tour.  In 2005, Americans for the Arts honored these sculptures as being among the most innovative approaches to public art in the country. 

Roundabout Art in Lafayette

The Lafayette City Council approved funds for public art in the roundabout in November of 2016.  On March 1, 2017, the City's Public Art Committee, made up of volunteers with expertise in art, reviewed proposals from four artists and selected two artists as finalists. After a public review period, the City Council selected David Mudgett's "Resolve," a corten steel structure made of eight large dodecahedrons balanced atop each other.  The expected installation date is mid February, 2018.

Resolve Image - Mudgett