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The Weekly Roundup

Post Date:09/04/2015 4:47 PM


The Weekly Roundup

September 4, 2015 | What’s Doing in Lafayette?

Refined Deer Hill Park Plan 8-15 

Deer Hill Park Master Plan

The City Council recently greenlighted the Homes at Deer Hill project, so now the Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission will begin its detailed review of the Deer Hill Community Park Master Plan.  Interested?  Stop by the Lafayette Community Center at 7P on Wednesday, September 9th.  The Project’s Landscape Architect will present the current proposed park and recreation facilities to the Commission.  Specific issues raised by the City Council for Commission consideration include: clarification of the property line between the new homes and the west edge of the park, and proposed fence heights for the sports field.  Other issues needing resolution include sports field layout, playground components, equipment/maintenance storage, restroom design and dog park plans.  The Commission will hear public comments and provide feedback to the Project Landscape Architect and Project Manager.


Fall Into Fitness and Recreation

Monday marks the start of Lafayette Recreation’s programs. Click here to see the Fall Guide.


Notes from Chief Christensen:  Sometimes the Bears Want Seconds

So, far be it from me to harp on how important it is to think things through but, these days, we really do need to.   For instance, the other day the Lafayette Police Department received a call reporting three people trying to get into a vehicle parked on one of our streets.  Having a resident help us in preventing an auto burglary is a great thing, so officers responded to the area to see if they could find the suspected thieves.  Upon the arrival, the people who had been looking into the vehicle were gone but the car was still there.  Sure enough:  on the passenger seat of the car was the designer handbag, the Apple phone, and all of the other things we would expect to find on a list of property stolen from a vehicle during an auto burglary.  This individual was lucky because something scared the intended crooks away.    Why did that person leave her stuff out for all to see?  Maybe it was the old "hey, this is Lafayette!  Nothing ever happens here" mentality, but that can have some consequences.  Last month, for example, a person who left their garage door opener inside their unlocked car learned the lesson about why this is a bad idea.  Three days after the opener was stolen, their home was burglarized.  And so now another resident lives not only with the pain of being burglarized but the fear that – now that they’ve been in her home -- the criminals will return.  This is a very scary situation that no one has to be in, and it is A COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE CRIME.  Don't feed the bears!  They may come back for seconds.    Also:  remember that crooks don't take holidays.   If you are going away, make it look like someone is there; have a neighbor check the house; and give us a call (299-3220) for a vacation house check.  


Want to Install a Greywater System in Your Home?

Years of drought in California have caused us to look for alternatives to potable water for irrigating our gardens. One alternative is “greywater:” water from sinks, showers, baths and washing machines. When treated correctly, greywater can be used to irrigate trees and plants. The benefits of using greywater are many and include a reduction in clean water use, the recharging of ground water, and a reduction in the amount of wastewater that needs to be conveyed and treated.  On September 9, the Contra Costa Watershed Forum will host a meeting to explain how greywater systems can be installed in your homes. Gardening experts as well as officials from the County Building and Environmental Health Departments will be on hand to explain how a homeowner can install a graywater system, what permits are needed, what design and health issues need to be considered and which plants will thrive with greywater irrigation. The meeting is open to the public and it will be held at 9 AM at the City of Walnut Creek offices.


Choose Your Power!

Over the past year, the City’s Environmental Task Force has studied whether Lafayette should join or form a Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) to provide Lafayette residents a choice in where their energy is sourced.  The result could be lower rates, fewer emissions, and more efficiency.   Finally, last month, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2015-49 authorizing the City Manager to send a non-binding Letter of Intent to MCE Clean Energy requesting that it conduct a membership analysis for Lafayette. If MCE accepts the City’s request, the Environmental Task Force will return to Council with an update, full details of the cost, and a framework outlining the next steps of the process.   The City is currently seeking community input on joining MCE. To provide feedback, click here.  You can also direct questions, comments, and feedback to Megan Canales at (925) 299-3242, or Julia Koppman Norton at (925) 299-3202, For more information on Community Choice, please check this out.


The Vampires Are Coming!

That’s right!  The City of Lafayette is once again rising to the City Challenge 2015. In partnership with The American Red Cross, the City of Lafayette will conduct it’s third annual Annual Blood Drive on Wednesday, September 16th from 9:30-3:30 at 3675 Mt. Diablo Blvd.  Look for the Red Cross Bus! Drop-ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged. Remember, one pint can save up to three lives! To make an appointment go to and enter Sponsor Code: Lafayette or call 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767).


This Week at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center

Support your Library - Shop at Friends Corner Book Shop, corner of 1st St. & Golden Gate Way!


Lafayette Volunteer Opportunities

Want to serve the community where you live?  There are currently openings on the following commissions and committees:


For additional information visit the city’s website or call Joanne Robbins, City Clerk 925-284-1968.  Application deadline March 31, 2015. Positions open until filled.


Quote for the Week

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway


This weekly summary is prepared by City Manager Steven Falk for the Lafayette City Council, staff, and the Lafayette community.  Do you have thoughts about this week’s Summary or a contribution for next week’s message?  Forward it to him now! 

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