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The Weekly Roundup

Post Date:03/18/2016 6:04 PM


March 18, 2016 | What’s Doing in Lafayette?


Council Sends Leigh Creekside Park Back to PTR

The Council chambers were full last Monday night, and almost everybody was there to talk about little Leigh Creekside Park, located at Fourth Street and Moraga Boulevard.  Fifty five (!) people filled out speaker slips to express their opinion regarding whether architect James Dixon’s ambitious plan for custom play equipment should be added to the park.  Many favored the idea; many opposed.  When the discussion finally got back to the Council, it was noted that the estimated costs for the proposed plan was about $1M, and that no funding was available and would not be available for many years to come. After some discussion, the Council agreed that the plan was too expensive.  Councilmember Traci Reilly sort of nailed it when she said that, “if we make it simpler and cheaper, the kids will get to play on it sooner.”  And so the Council sent the matter back to the Parks, Trails, and Recreation commission, with the direction to scale back the plan with a target cost not to exceed $500,000.  If you’re interested in this matter, you can subscribe to PTR agendas at

Chief Christensen 

Notes from Chief Christensen:  Time to Slow Down Just a Little

I don't know about you, but over the past few weeks, it seems there are a lot more people who are in a big hurry to get somewhere.   As I drive around town and especially on the Highway, I see all kinds of people who seem to have lost the idea that we share the road with others.   Zipping in between cars in spaces that are too small; using the horn repeatedly as they drive; doing this, doing that; talking on their cellphones.  It just seems to be something we see a lot more of today.  I’d hate to think that we've lost some of the civility we used to see amongst each other.   Added to the mix is the expert driver who is certain that he or she can multi-task while they drive.  Focused on that phone, they try to update their Facebook page or find out what their friends are doing instead of concentrating on the task at hand, which if you had forgotten, is DRIVING THE CAR.  Add the ones that are in a hurry and the ones who aren't paying attention and, hoo boy,  it's a recipe for disaster.  A disaster that unfortunately winds up with an innocent person being injured or having to pay a high deductible.  It's a good time to recall all those defensive driving techniques we learned in Drivers’ Education because there sure are a lot of people out there using offensive techniques.  


Revised City Truck Traffic Regulations On the Way

Updated regulations are on the horizon for trucks traveling through Lafayette.  On March 28th, the City Council will consider adoption of an amended City Ordinance Section 8-702 through 8-704, which establishes a maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds for trucks that deviate from designated citywide truck routes.  The subject amendment will also add Happy Valley Road between Mount Diablo Boulevard and Deer Hill Road to the list of designated truck routes.  The new GVWR language will make it easier for local law enforcement to regulate truck traffic. Whereas the current ordinance would require an officer to physically weigh a suspected overweight vehicle to determine its actual weight, the new language would allow for a visual check of the manufacturer’s rating tag on the vehicle body as sufficient evidence for potential citation. Any trucks exceeding the 10,000-pound GVWR will not be allowed on City roadways that are not listed as a designated truck route in City Ordinance Section 8-702.  Trucks would still be allowed on non-designated routes for legitimate travel to an address on the subject street, such as making a delivery or servicing a construction project.   


City Joins Marin Clean Energy

It happened!  At Monday’s meeting, the Lafayette City Council passed the ordinance required for the City to join Marin Clean Energy.  What this means is that you’ll soon have a choice other than PG&E, and you’ll have the option to purchase electricity that is 100% green, generated by non-carbon producing sources.  This is the single most impactful step that a city can take to reduce carbon emissions, and Lafayette is just the third city in Contra Costa County to do so.


This Week at the Library


 Lafayette Volunteer Opportunities

Want to serve the community where you live?  There are currently openings on the following Commissions and Committees – Application deadline March 31st   


For additional information visit the city’s website or call Joanne Robbins, City Clerk 925-284-1968.  Positions open until filled.


Quote for the Week

Don't find fault -- find a remedy.

Henry Ford


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