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The Weekly Roundup

Post Date:06/24/2016 6:03 PM


June 24, 2016 | What’s Doing in Lafayette?

deer hill 

City Wins Lawsuit Brought By Local Residents

It wasn’t unexpected, but the City of Lafayette prevailed in court today in a suit brought against the city by a local group of residents.  The group sued regarding the City Council’s rejection of a petition demanding a voter referendum on the approval of a single-family home development for the 22-acre property at the east end of Deer Hill Road.  Today’s ruling denied Save Lafayette’s case, stating that the referendum, if passed, would have created an inconsistency between the City’s general plan land use designation and its zoning code.  That’s not allowed by State law.  Meanwhile, the City still faces a second lawsuit related to the same property, this one by the San Francisco Bay Area Renters Federation.  The hearing for that suit is currently scheduled for July 20th.



 Chief Christensen

Notes from Chief Christensen:  Knowing Your Neighbors

One of the best things about Lafayette is that most of our residents know their neighbors.  Believe it or not, this is not as common as you may think in other cities.  Unfortunately, many people just don’t spend the time any more to get to know each other.  From a crime prevention standpoint, however, there is a lot of value in neighbors who know and care about each other.   If you neighbor leaves their garage door open all night, for instance, they might wake up in the morning with something gone.  Crooks driving through the neighborhood can’t resist a tempting target -- a bike, some tools, a car.   So if you see an open garage door or something else that looks wrong, don’t hesitate to call your neighbor!  To make it easier for our neighbors to organize, the city participates every year in National Night Out.   This year it’s scheduled for August 2nd, and we’ll be sure to have many of our officers and leaders visiting parties throughout the community.  It’s your opportunity to shake hands with your nearby residents and exchange names and telephone numbers.   Nothing like a hamburger or hot dog to start a conversation with the person you have lived to for years, but never gotten a chance to talk to.   Let us know where your event will be and we’ll be sure to send an officer out to talk about making sure our community remains the safe place it already is.



MCE Energy Starts Flowing in September

Starting right now, Lafayette residents and businesses can choose between using Marin Clean Energy or PG&E to supply their power. You should have received something in the mail this week alerting you to this change, and giving you the choice between the power providers.  If you take no action, you will automatically be enrolled in MCE’s “light green” power supply, which is made up of 50-percent renewable power.   Looking to go carbon free?  Customers can also choose to switch to MCE’s “dark green” 100-percent renewable option or MCE’s “local sol” 100-percent local wind and solar option.  Finally, customers who like the juice they get from PG&E can stay with that long-time power provider, whose energy clicks in at about 27-percent renewables at any time.  Whichever option you choose, the new power will start flowing to you at the start of the September billing cycle.  Meanwhile, just last week, (MCE) Board of Directors voted to reduce energy rates by approximately 9%, -- a rate reduction that is nicely timed to coincide with the enrollment of Lafayette electricity customers.   If you have questions regarding your options, how to read your bill, or how this rate reduction will affect you, call MCE at (888) 632-3674.  Otherwise, you can learn more about MCE on the City’s website here, or feel free to contact Megan Canales at or Julia Koppman Norton at



Lafayette Map Room

Have you had a chance to check out the City’s Map Room?  If not, you must!  The Map Room is a page on the City’s website that has various maps put together by the Engineering, Planning, and Parks, Trails, & Recreation Departments, in addition to maps produced by other agencies that may be relevant to your property in Lafayette.  Most recently, the Planning Department updated the Vacant & Underdeveloped Land Map which was compiled using 2015 data from the Contra Costa County Assessor’s Records.  If there are other maps you would like to see, feel free to let us know what your suggestions are by emailing


Map of Major Development Projects

Are you one of those people who’s always wanting to know more about development projects occurring in Lafayette?  If so, there’s some good news coming your way.  Using a platform created by iCityWork Inc, Lafayette’s website will soon provide an interactive map showing the locations of major development projects in Lafayette.  The webpage will describe information about each project including application number, scope of work, General Plan Land Use Classification, zoning district, lot area, stories/height, gross floor area, project status, project images/plans, and contact information for each major development project.  All new commercial construction, new multi-family construction projects of 5,000 sq. ft. or greater, and all major subdivisions will be included.  The webpage will launch and be available on the City’s website starting next Friday, July 1, 2016.


This Week at the Library

To see what’s happening at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center this week, click hereSupport your Library - Shop at Friends Corner Book Shop, corner of 1st St. & Golden Gate Way! 


Quote for the Week

Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.

James A. Michener



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This weekly summary is prepared by City Manager Steven Falk for the Lafayette City Council, staff, and the Lafayette community.  Do you have thoughts about this week’s Summary or a contribution for next week’s message?  Forward it to him now! 



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