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Post Date:06/29/2016 10:29 AM

Local News Roundup for #Lafayette, California


Lafayette councilwoman Traci Reilly won't seek re-election

First-term lawmaker Traci Reilly decides against running for Lafayette City Council again in November  


Lafayette: Residents clash over neighborhood park

A bucolic downtown park is at the center of a battle between residents who want a playground there, and those who'd like it to see it remain a natural oasis.  Neighbors, nature lovers, parents and other residents turned out in force at a June 27 Lafayette City Council meeting to air their views over the future of Leigh Creekside Park, a roughly three-quarter acre public park at the corner of Fourth Street and Moraga Boulevard.  Some residents want a children's play structure there. Others -- including neighbors who helped purchase the parkland nearly 20 years ago -- argue such a change would alter the park's tranquil character, cause environmental damage and create traffic and noise problems, among other issues.


Moraga PD Arrest 15-Year-Old Tuesday – Suspected Of String Of Residential Burglaries

Moraga Police, in what their acting chief called “an extensive and ongoing investigation,” arrested a 15-year-old youth living in the Carroll Ranch area investigators say is responsible for four residential burglaries and one attempted burglary last week.

Juvenile Suspect Connected to String of Residential Burglaries in Moraga

Police said an alert neighbor called in to report suspicious activity in a nearby garage.


PDs Three Words: Slow Down Lamorinda!

A happy summer in the suburbs should mean sun, fun, friends and relaxation. No one wants increased traffic speed, inexperienced drivers and carelessness to lead to more accidents. This is why the three Lamorinda police departments are reviving the Slow Down Lamorinda campaign that started in June of 2007 in the aftermath of three local speed-related deaths.


ConFire Chief: Reach Out, He’ll Be There

The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was in dire need of strong leadership. The district had closed four fire stations after a failed 2012 parcel tax initiative, the labor group had tuned out management, property tax revenue was flat and according to the county administrator, the district was headed toward bankruptcy.


‘Help Wanted’ is Becoming a Familiar Sign in Moraga

Walk the promenade at Moraga or Rheem Valley shopping centers and you’ll see a common window display: help wanted signs. In Moraga, Bianca’s Deli, Mucho Wraps, Pennini’s, and Moraga Hardware and Lumber, Across the Way, Lamorinda Pizza, Moraga Produce, Mountain Mike’s, Tangelo and Graze all sport various signs in windows seeking extra help.


Size of Saranap Development Still a Sticking Point

When the initial vision of the proposed Saranap Village project was unveiled in May 2013 by Walnut Creek-based Hall Equities, it received a fair amount of criticism from neighborhood residents in unincorporated Contra Costa County, just outside of


City Turning Pavement into a Pair of ‘Parklets’

After a trial run at the Art and Wine festival, city leaders approved a four-month pilot program to evaluate two “parklets” downtown. Lafayette is the first city in Lamorinda to be joining other municipalities including Berkeley, San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia that have embraced the popular concept.


Cleaner Energy Option Coming to Lafayette

For the first time ever, energy choice is coming to Lafayette. To announce the community choice energy program and educate residents, provider Marin Clean Energy is sending a series of five colorful mailers, in the form of post cards and letters, announcing the program over the summer.

City Flies LGBT Flag in Support of Orlando

For the first time ever, a gay pride flag was flown at half-staff, just below the American flag at Plaza Park recently, as a gesture of support for the victims in the Orlando, Fla., mass shooting.


Council Changes Direction, Keeps Moraga Road Four Lanes

Moraga Road between Corliss and Donald Drives will retain its current four lanes. After deciding earlier this year that the segment of roadway would be reconfigured to three traffic lanes and one turning lane, the town council voted against that option. Concerns over possible congestion and a desire to compromise led to the flip.


The Mystery of Moraga’s ‘Corporate Yard’ Solved

Did you think that the big trucks and equipment parked next to the church at 155 Moraga Rd was the Palos Colorado development staging to start grading the site? Not so.


Town and MSD To Share Facilities At No Cost

The history between the Town of Moraga and the Moraga School District has not always been one of a cooperative nature. In spite of joint projects such as the town restoring the Camino Pablo playing field, the two agencies sometimes behaved like competing entities, charging each other heavy fees for the use of each other’s facilities.


With Town’s Help, Volleyball Courts No Longer ‘Moraga Pond’ Again

The truth must be told: for years Moraga’s sand volleyball courts at the Commons were barely usable. “Drainage was clogged and the sand was from the delta, so it had a lot of dirt in it, making it hard packed,” recalls Rob Browning, head volleyball coach at Saint Mary’s College.


Rare Rash of Robberies Alarm Moraga Residents

Moraga police are working on evidence to identify suspects in four residential robbery attempts that occurred in a 24-hour period around June 21 on Draeger, Woodford and Buckingham Drives. The rash of events is highly unusual in normally peaceful Moraga.


Closure of Rheem Boulevard Now Scheduled for July 5

The major repair of a section of Rheem Boulevard between Moraga Road and St. Mary’s Rd was supposed to start on June 15. Even the signs posted at both access to the arterial said so. But no work has started yet.


Orinda’s Downtown Parking Action Plan Stalls

Although a consultant’s study into downtown Orinda’s parking issues provided some interesting facts and insights, it appears to fall short of the actionable plan of pragmatic measures to solve Orinda’s parking problems called for by the city council when it commissioned the study.


Orinda Council Happy with Bargain Mini-Park

After years in the planning, the conceptual design of the Orinda mini-park came back to the city council recently, with a price tag knocked down from $400,000 to $100,000, and the council was happy with the bargain.


As Official Results Near, Measure L Winning Comfortably

Although Contra Costa election results are still not certified by the County Registrar, it is fairly certain that Orinda’s Measure L - a $25 million bond issue dedicated to roads and drains - will pass comfortably. As of June 24, the fifth update to the election results posted by the County, yes votes on Measure L were at 68.52 per cent while no votes were at 31.48 per cent.


Despite Surplus, Moraga-Orinda Fire District Still Bogged Down By Budget Sticking Points

Even as the Moraga-Orinda Fire District projected a general fund surplus of nearly $250,000 for fiscal year 2016-17, Fire Chief Stephen Healy warned that the district still struggles with employee recruitment and retention, and the firefighters union complained about district income inequality.


Tax Disparity in MOFD is Still a Hot Issue in Orinda

Orindans frustrated with a perceived tax funding inequity perpetrated by the Moraga-Orinda Fire District made their case to the district board June 15, and for once the directors promised to fully investigate the residents’ concerns.


Antioch: Council, chief want more information on police body cameras

Cantando asks for more information on challenges the technology presents





Do Taxes Really Cause the Rich to Move?

A new study finds that the wealthiest Americans are less mobile than lower income workers, but those who do relocate are looking for a tax cut.


American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers
New York Times


Red hot Bay Area housing puts big chill on Section 8
East Bay Times


Solution to SF's homeless problem starts with supportive housing
San Francisco Chronicle


3 SF supervisors move to put tech tax on November ballot
San Francisco Chronicle


Building a Better Tech Boom: How much will tech change Oakland, and how much will Oakland change tech?


San Jose council OKs controversial homeless housing project
Mercury News





"Water Windfall" Discovered Under California's Drought-Stricken ...

California's groundwater pumping has been in overdraft for years, especially during the drought.





Fire chief: Man saved from blaze by son's cackling chickens




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