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Post Date:02/12/2018 4:46 PM

Local News Roundup for #Lafayette, California


Lafayette Library offers children’s storytimes in foreign languages

Many library patrons look forward to bringing their children to storytimes, to enjoy a favorite book and maybe sing a song or two. At Lafayette Library and Learning Center, this childhood favorite can be experienced not only in English but in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese as well, introducing children and their parents to the languages and cultures that contribute to the rich diversity of this state.


Orinda voters support library parcel tax hike, survey finds

A recent survey found solid, but not overwhelming, support for increasing the annual parcel tax that funds library operations and services.  Sixty-six percent of poll respondents said they would vote for a ballot measure to raise the existing $39 residential parcel tax to $64 to preserve library hours, services and staff; replace books and other materials; maintain the building; and support programs for patrons of all ages. A tax measure requires a two-thirds vote to pass.


Editorial: California cities must do more to meet housing responsibilities.
San Francisco Chronicle


Bay Area residents want more housing

As more people personally experience the crisis of the lack of affordable housing, we're seeing public support gradually move upwards, including support for affordable housing.





Commentary: Cities should fess up about taxes and pensions

It's very close to the projected increase in the city's annual pension costs, driven primarily by those for police officers and firefighters. By 2024, CalPERS projects, Sacramento will be paying 61 cents into the pensionfund for every dollar of police and fire salaries, up from 43 cents in 2018-19.





Dark Caltrans signs on I-80 really do work
San Francisco Chronicle


With BART ridership down, and complaints up, agency promises new cleanup
San Francisco Chronicle


Roadshow: Self-driving cars pass early road tests
Mercury News


SF sues California over law that shelters Lyft, Uber drivers


Remember $4-a-gallon gas? Get ready to say ‘ouch’
Sacramento Bee


Trump to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan Monday
Mercury News





In San Jose’s Japantown, a push-pull between preserving the old and embracing the new
Mercury News


Silicon Valley’s economic ‘paradox’ is scrutinized at conference
Mercury News


Westside residents demand low-income senior housing
San Francisco Examiner


Art supplier faces eviction from Bayview warehouse over safety, permitting issues
San Francisco Examiner


How'd the Bay Area end up in a housing mess, and how do we get out of it?
San Francisco Business Journal


State lawmakers want to restore an urban renewal and affordable housing program. But it's complicated
Los Angeles Times





In unaccustomed turn, White House infrastructure plan praises California funding measure,'' by LATimes' Laura King: "A senior administration official, speaking in advance of Monday's release of the White House's "infrastructure principles," singled out for praise a Los Angeles County sales-tax increase that was a top initiative of Mayor Eric Garcetti." Story.


Break for ex-Panther who sued Oakland." Elaine Brown just won a $3.77 million settlement from the city of Oakland Jury after she claimed she was the victim of an unprovoked assault. It wasn't the first time that happened -- or even the second -- but "the jury didn't hear about other dustups.'' Story.


One of California's most powerful posts has been empty for almost six months,'' by LATimes' John Myers: "Gov. Jerry Brown's answer to a reporter's question during a January news conference was both evasive and, by the end, unflinchingly honest. The topic was his search for a new California Supreme Court justice. "It's going very well," Brown said cagily. "I'm searching my mind very carefully." Story.


Mentally ill Californians shouldn't die on the street, untreated. The law must change,'' by SacBee's Dan Morain. "Nick Petris had the best of intentions a half century ago when he lent his talent and clout to the law that bears his name, and that to this day governs how California cares for - and too often fails - its mentally ill. A legislator who represented Oakland and Berkeley for 40 years ending in 1996, Petris set out to end the "tyrannical and oppressive system of incarcerating people so easily" in the state hospital system, which at its height warehoused 36,853 people. Story.


Remember $4-a-gallon gas? Get ready to say 'ouch,' by SacBee's Mark Glover: "At the close of January, national gas price tracker said average gasoline prices across most of California were at their highest levels in more than 850 days. Story.


Mariah and the Toy Box -- by Merc News' Mathias Gafney and David DeBolt: "Authorities returned a three year old Oakland girl to her foster family after she ingested meth. It was a death sentence....Hundreds of pages of reports and records from San Joaquin Child Protective Services, the hospital, police and the coroner obtained by this news organization show a series of failures by the people tasked with protecting Mariah, from the social workers who chose not to remove her from the foster home after the first incident, to the doctors who appear to have accepted the foster mother's suggestions that the drug poisoning occurred before the girl was in her care." Story.


Wells Fargo sends 38,000 erroneous letters in auto flub,'' via AP: Story.


Racially charged science project prompts review of Sacramento's elite academic programs,'' by SacBee's Diana Lambert: Story.


Police chase 3 suspects from Santa Clara County to SF at 100 mph," by SFChronicle's Sarah Ravani. Story.


L.A. County set to build its first new freeway in 25 years, despite many misgivings,'' by LATimes' Louis Sahagun. Story.


Man Breaks Into LAX Runway,'' via LAPatch. Story.


Glendale pastor sought in sexual assault of girl at Covina motel turns himself in,'' via San Gabriel Valley Tribune's Brian Day: Story.


Disneyland Tickets Go Up 18%: The Happiest Place on Earth just got a little more expensive,'' by Hoa Quách, Patch Staff. Story.


Flu-related deaths in California surpass 150 as worst season in years continues its toll,'' by Susan Abram, LA Daily News: Story.





Lafayette's Carnival 2018: King Gabriel and Queen Evangeline revealed

King Gabriel LXXIX Dr. Michael Keith Judice and Queen Evangeline LXXIX Lauren Marie Guilliot will reign over Lafayette's Carnival 2018.





Wedding dress returned 32 years after dry cleaner mix-up



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