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Post Date:03/20/2018 12:26 PM

Local News Roundup for #Lafayette, California


Award-winning authors Oates, Johnson speak at Lafayette library

T. Geronimo Johnson highlighted libraries as a symbol.


Editorial: Why vote for flawed $3 bridge toll hike
Regional Measure 3 on the June ballot would help fix some shortcomings in Bay Area's transportation system.


Tougher climate policies could save a stunning 150 million lives, researchers find
Mercury News


Big oil faces big test in climate-change court showdown with SF, Oakland
San Francisco Chronicle


Fingers point at PG&E in Wine Country fires, though causes remain unknown
Napa Valley Register


Biggest storm of the season could bring more devastation to California burn areas
Los Angeles Times


In a Historic Downtown, Disaster Becomes a Chance to Build Something Better

A 2014 fire in Clarkesville, Georgia, was “the worst nightmare for someone who’s in downtown development.” But the recovery launched an essential conversation about what the town square should be.





The myth of “forcing people out of their cars”

It’s about more options, not fewer.


In California, Momentum Builds for Radical Action on Housing

The origins of and potential solutions to California’s housing crisis, explained.


California Housing Problems Are Spilling Across Its Borders

Reno is among several Western cities experiencing congestion and new tensions as California residents and businesses seek more affordable locations.

Proposal to combine Brentwood golf courses, build senior housing under review
East Bay Times


Conservatory of Music development music to supervisors’ ears
San Francisco Examiner


After a Half-Century of Nearly No Development, North Berkeley Talks Housing


California legislation would eliminate Los Angeles rules blocking homeless housing
Los Angeles Times





Uber halts self-driving operations after car kills Arizona pedestrian
San Francisco Chronicle


Exclusive: Tempe police chief says early probe shows no fault by Uber
San Francisco Chronicle


Fatal crash of Uber robot car prompts California to ask for answers
Sacramento Bee


Here’s how Uber’s self-driving cars are supposed to detect pedestrians
Tech Crunch


Mercury News editorial: Regional Measure 3 will ease Bay Area commutes
Mercury News


Thanks a lot, side street whiners — you wrecked our commute
Mercury News


Dan Walters: Is it still a ‘train to nowhere?’
Napa Valley Register


Fire on tracks, stray balloon cause major BART delays
San Francisco Examiner





Los Alamitos votes to opt out of California sanctuary law," by OCRegister's Roxana Kopetman: "Orange County's second-smallest city voted Monday night to exempt itself from California's so-called sanctuary law, which limits cooperation between local agencies and federal immigration authorities. The Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 following more than two hours of heated testimony from residents on both sides of the issue ... The majority also voted to direct the city attorney to write an amicus brief to a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month against California, alleging that three of the state's laws are unconstitutional." Story


After $32,500 lawsuit, Madera County vows to keep ICE away from jail," by MacKenzie Mays: "The county and the ACLU reached a settlement last month following allegations that Madera County's board of supervisors violated open meeting laws last year by taking action in closed session to increase law enforcement's cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The settlement cost taxpayers $32,500 in attorney fees, according to a Madera County spokeswoman." Story


Rep. Jared Huffman gets an earful at student gun violence summit," by KQED's Raquel Maria Dillon: "The students pushed him to not forget inner cities where gun violence is more common. They grilled him with questions about why their teachers seemed confused about procedures during school lock-down drills. They hooted and booed when Huffman asked them what they thought of Trump's proposal to arm classroom teachers." Story


California pension fund urged to divest from gun sellers," by AP's Kathleen Ronayne: "Families of mass shooting victims are joining California State Treasurer John Chiang in calling on the nation's largest public pension fund to stop investing in companies that sell assault weapons and devices that allow guns to fire more rapidly." Story


More than 60 deaths in fires, floods exposes weaknesses in California's emergency planning," by Paige St. John and Joseph Serna: "Though California has long experienced natural disasters tied to weather, the last year recorded a staggering human toll - more than 40 dead in wine country fires and more than 20 in Santa Barbara County mudslides." Story


Whales and fishermen caught in turf war over California's coast," by Bay Area News Group's Annie Roth: "As rising ocean temperatures move their food supplies closer to shore, a staggering number of migrating whales have been forced into the path of California's crab fishing fleet - and the confrontations have increased dramatically over the last five years." Story


Commentary: Do as we say, not as we do," by CALmatters' Dan Walters: "The sexual harassment scandal that's enveloped the Capitol exposes an unsavory aspect of the building's culture that had been hidden for decades. 'It's also exposed another, equally unseemly trait - the Legislature's routine exemption of itself from laws it imposes on everyone else." Story


Consultant makes money on 'dream house' raffles, even if nobody wins a home," by San Diego Union-Tribune's Phillip Molnar: "... for a $150 ticket, get a chance to win a multi-million-dollar dream home. Although there are lesser prizes, the house is only given away if ticket sales hit a certain threshold." Story


California to get first female and first LGBT Senate leader," by AP's Jonathan J. Cooper: "A former Assembly speaker, Atkins is taking over the post of Senate president pro tem from fellow Democrat Kevin de Leon as the chamber gears up for election season and faces a number of thorny challenges, including a reckoning over sexual misconduct, a loss of the Democratic supermajority and an icy relationship with the state Assembly." Story


As a mega-landowner, L.A. Unified has lots to figure out, a new report says," by LATimes' Howard Blume: Story


Fingers point at PG&E in Wine Country fires, though causes remain unknown," by SFChronicle's David R. Baker: Story


Amazon jobs may not be worth all the tax breaks cities give, study says," by Fresno Bee's Tim Sheehan: Story


Training for the unthinkable: Teachers drill for school shootings," by SFChronicle's Matier & Ross: Story


Inmate wasn't missing from California prison - just asleep in the wrong spot," by Beatriz Valenzuela: Story






Lafayette police arrest man accused of brandishing sword

Lafayette police on Saturday night arrested a man they allege chased two people with a katana sword.





Austrian faces fine for calling police officers 'smurfs'




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