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Post Date:03/29/2018 10:14 AM

Local News Roundup for #Lafayette, California




Kudos to those behind public art, landscaping in Lafayette Roundabout

Big congrats to the art commission and all those in Lafayette who commissioned and supported the new artwork erected at the Pleasant Hill Road-Olympic Boulevard roundabout. You resisted any impulse to choose some sort of Disney-style “Butterfly Chasing Birdie” type of cliche and instead voted for a fine example of abstract art, something tall, strong and metal that will weather well and last long past our lifetimes.


Berkeley mayor: ‘I am committed to building housing on the Berkeley BART parking lot’

East Bay city starts to see the light


Supreme court disbars former Contra Costa DA Mark Peterson

The California Supreme Court has revoked the former Contra Costa County District Attorney’s law license, nine months after he pleaded no contest to felony perjury in the midst of an illegal spending scandal.





Has California's homeless population 'skyrocketed'? And how does it rate nationwide?" by Politifact's Chris Nichols: Story


Cheaper California housing? One idea to lower costs makes candidates for governor uneasy," by SacBee's Angela Hart: "It's a controversial idea that advocates say could help alleviate California's worsening housing crisis: strip cities of some of their zoning authority to unleash an enormous amount of new construction." Story


O.C. pushes homeless off the street but can't find anywhere to shelter them," by LATimes' Anh Do, Cindy Carcamo and Joseph Serna: Story


Editorial: What housing crisis?
San Francisco Chronicle


Mayor Schaaf supports exclusive negotiating deal with Oakland A's on ballpark sites
San Francisco Chronicle


Development without gentrification? Oakland’s Fruitvale is the model, report says
East Bay Times


Oakland sues landlord for alleged fraud rent hike
East Bay Times


Developer tries to fast-track housing at Vallco Mall under new state law
Mercury News


Environmental analysis for Tenderloin affordable housing project moves before Planning Commission
San Francisco Examiner


Inching toward an affordable Westside: Lessons from Forest Hill
San Francisco Examiner


Berkeley mayor: ‘I am committed to building housing on the Berkeley BART parking lot’


Housing prices surge in post-fire Santa Rosa





Electric cars not as likely to catch fire as gas-powered vehicles
Mercury News

Novato residents urge funding for crossing guards, electric vehicles
Marin Independent Journal

IJ Forums: Panelists discuss Richmond bridge bike lane
Marin Independent Journal

Caltrans planning night work on Highway 29 between Yountville and St. Helena
Napa Valley Register

SF Bike Coalition calls for halt to state driverless car permits after pedestrian death
San Francisco Examiner

Tesla says highway safety barrier did not serve purpose in deadly Mountain View crash
San Francisco Examiner

Bay Area Drivers Billed for $1.4 Million in Fines By Mistake

Lawsuit: SF let Uber and Lyft kill taxi cabs, and stuck credit union with the bill

Why Does Subway Construction Cost So Much? Congress Wants to Find Out
New York Times

Truck Driver Salaries Rising on Surging Freight Demand
Wall Street Journal

Transportation planning: People first, not cars
Capitol Weekly





Foster City Manager Kevin Miller to Retire

The Daily Journal
Foster City Manager Kevin Miller will retire in July after 33 years with the city and 37 years in local government. Miller, 59, served as the city's top executive for the past three years and as Parks and Recreation director for 23 years. 


Santa Clara City Manager Gets a $30,000 Raise

Santa Clara Weekly  

Deanna Santana's raise, less than 6 months after her start date, was part of her contract, which stipulated that she would receive raises at the same rate as other members of the Unclassified Management Employees, aka Unit 9. 


Fortuna City Manager Mark Wheetley Receives Jail Time for DUI

North Coast Journal 

Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming confirmed this afternoon that Fortuna city manager Mark Wheetley pleaded guilty to driving involving alcohol. 





Cheaper California housing? One idea to lower costs makes candidates for governor uneasy

Wiener says his own upbringing in local politics in San Francisco – the epicenter of the state's housing affordability crisis – is driving his thinking.








California's city halls must take action on pensions

In fiscal year 2024-25, 25 percent of cities will spend more than 18 percent of their budgets on CalPERS pensions, with 10 percent of cities spending 21.5 percent or more on pensions.




Trump tweets support after Orange County, California, opposes 'sanctuary' law," by POLITICO's Aubree Eliza Weaver: "During Tuesday's meeting, Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel told attendees that substantial changes to the United States' immigration policies won't happen overnight, and in the meantime 'law enforcement should absolutely cooperate fully within the constraints of federal law.'" Story


How O.C. became a center of resistance to California's 'sanctuary state' legislation," by Cindy Carcamo, Hailey Branson-Potts and Alene Tchekmedyian: "The stance against efforts to protect people in this country illegally comes a generation after Orange County became the birthplace of Proposition 187, the divisive 1994 ballot measure meant to cut public benefits - such as schooling and healthcare - for such residents." Story


How Donald Trump Is Rigging the Census," by Ari Berman in Mother Jones: "... But with the Trump administration in charge, voting rights advocates fear the undercount could be amplified, shifting economic resources and political power toward rural, white, and Republican communities. The census is scheduled to begin on April 1, 2020, in the middle of the presidential election season. Of all the ways democracy is threatened under President Donald Trump-a blind eye to Russian meddling in elections, a rollback of voting rights, a disregard for checks and balances-an unfair and inaccurate census could have the most dramatic long-term impact." Story


What courts will be looking at in judging new census question on citizenship," by SFChronicle's Bob Egelko and Hamed Aleaziz: "For courts considering the Trump administration's plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, the question will be whether this is a benign inquiry designed to produce information that protects voting rights, or a politically motivated effort to depress participation in the survey - and thus congressional representation and federal funding - in immigrant-rich states like California." Story


Trump has a friend in California law enforcement," by East Bay Express' Darwin BondGraham: "In recent years, California's police and sheriffs' departments and district attorneys have played their own role of resistance - against a wave of progressive criminal justice and immigration reforms that state voters and political leaders have embraced. Through their rank-and-file unions and statewide lobbying groups, cops and prosecutors have fought nearly every progressive criminal justice proposal and the same California pro-immigration policies that the Trump administration hopes to topple." Story


Sheriff says ICE was 'mistakenly' allowed to see Santa Clara Co. inmates," by Mercury News' Robert Salonga: "In the wake of the policy violation, the Sheriff's Office said jail deputies and staff were re-briefed of the sanctuary policies, which were developed with the aim of maintaining trust in immigrant communities and ensuring residents are not afraid to report crimes. Officials said fliers affirming the policies were posted in high-traffic areas for staff, inmates, and visitors to see." Story


If China strikes back on tariffs, California tree nut exports could take a hit," by Capital Public Radio's Julia Mitric: "Many California farmers and wine producers see China as a growing market ... And although California's wine producers sell a smaller proportion of their total product to China than pistachio or almond growers do, they're frustrated by the prospect of a competitive disadvantage." Story


The citizen question: It is already being asked," by Fox & Hounds' Tony Quinn: "Becerra and the state's Democratic establishment are attacking the question because they assume it will keep illegal immigrants from filling out the census forms, thus California's population will be undercounted and the state will lose federal benefits. This could be true, but will be very hard to prove." Story


ACLU asks Greyhound to adopt sanctuary policy in face of ICE interrogations," by SFChronicle's Sarah Ravani and Bob Egelko: "The letter was prompted by several incidents on Greyhound premises or buses in recent months, including at least two in California. In January, Border Patrol agents boarded a Greyhound bus in Indio (Riverside County) and asked every passenger for proof of citizenship, the ACLU said." Story


UC schools reject March For Our Lives leader David Hogg," by Pueng Vongs: "Hogg, originally from Los Angeles, was rejected by all four University of California schools he applied to for undergraduate admission. These included: UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UC Irvine, reports" Story


Fight to resume executions in California clears 1 hurdle," by AP's Don Thompson: "A judge on Tuesday lifted his own court's previous order blocking California from carrying out death sentences by lethal injection, but the decision is far from the final word on the contentious issue because of several ongoing lawsuits." Story


MeToo assemblywoman defends herself against harassment allegations, but comments spark backlash," by Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler: "Asm. Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) denies that she grabbed a man's crotch - and that she forced staffers to play 'spin the bottle' with her. But when asked whether she referred to former Assembly Speaker John Pérez as a 'homo,' she acknowledged having used that word in the past - though didn't remember if she used it about Pérez, who is gay." Story


California Legislature will 'proactively' release records on substantiated sexual harassment complaints," by LATimes' Melanie Mason: "The Capitol Correspondents Assn. of California reached out to legislative leaders earlier this month with concerns about inconsistencies in how the Legislature was releasing records under the Legislative Open Records Act. After releasing a decade's worth of records on sexual harassment investigations in February, both houses offered conflicting guidance on how journalists could obtain records from recent probes." Story


Southern California might foot the bill for delta tunnels project - with no promise of reimbursement," by LATimes' Bettina Boxall: "At a board workshop Tuesday, officials of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California outlined ways in which the agency could finance the construction of two giant water tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta." Story


A California sheriff is skirting state 'sanctuary' laws to help ICE capture undocumented immigrants," by WashPost's Alex Horton: "The move comes as California battles the federal government over how local authorities cooperate with federal immigration agencies. SB54 came into effect Jan. 1 amid intense criticism by the Trump administration over sanctuary policies that shield immigrants from increased risk of detention by ICE. On March 6, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state, alleging that a trio of state laws, including SB54, violate the Constitution." Story


Race to unlock San Bernardino shooter's iPhone was delayed by poor FBI communication, report finds," by LATimes' Joseph Tanfani: Story


Tesla shares drop as questions around fatal Model X crash in California continue to swirl," by the Toronto Star: Story


County to explore installing 'Stop the Bleed' kits for victims of mass shootings, other emergencies," by San Diego Union-Tribune's Lyndsay Winkley: Story


Mexico pledges $4.3 Million effort to stop tijuana spills," by AP: Story





How steel and aluminum tariffs can affect Lafayette manufacturers

It remains to be seen what the longer term impact of tariffs will be.





3 boys in Mississippi find part of mastodon jawbone


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