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Post Date:04/06/2018 11:36 AM

Local News Roundup for #Lafayette, California


Sweeping California housing bill attacked on author’s home turf

polarizing housing bill that would force California cities to allow taller apartment buildings by BART stops and other transit hubs has been pummeled with opposition from local officials — a group that now includes former colleagues of the bill’s author, San Francisco Democrat Sen. Scott Wiener. In the latest blow to Senate Bill 827, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to oppose Wiener’s bill, joining smaller cities such as Lafayette, Cupertino, Palo Alto and Milpitas. A week earlier, the Los Angeles City Council took the same stance, unanimously, with one councilman calling the legislation “insanity.”


Our view: 101 reasons why the Bay Area doesn't work as a region

The Bay Area rarely operates like a unified region. It’s more often a disparate assembly of nine counties and 101 cities that happen to share the same space.  It’s why some cities act as if the regional housing crisis is not their problem, downzoning commercial corridors to discourage housing or basing decisions purely on whether their existing residents want more neighbors or not.  Our housing, transportation and other challenges do not respect arbitrary boundaries, so we have to stop pretending that they can be tackled by cities or counties acting on their own.


Everything you need to know about the great electric-scooter takeover of San Francisco

Do not ride on sidewalks, do not ride on sidewalks, do not ride on sidewalks





Kamala Harris plays 20 questions with Ellen DeGeneres but ducks all on 2020," by Deadline's Lisa de Moraes: Story


Battling 'implicit bias' among police 'has to be a priority,' Kamala Harris says,'' by SacBee's Angela Hart: "America needs to change its system of policing and focus on training and "implicit bias" in law enforcement, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris told a town hall audience in Sacramento on Thursday in the aftermath of the death of Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old unarmed African American man who was shot and killed by police March 18. Story.


Trump's California claim: Millions of people vote 'many times'," by SFChronicle's Joe Garofoli: Story 


Quietly, Trump officials and California seek a deal on auto emissions,'' via NYTimes' Hiroko Tabuchi: "Officials and former officials with direct knowledge of the talks declined to be identified for this article, citing the sensitivity of ongoing negotiations. An E.P.A. spokeswoman, Liz Bowman, confirmed that the agency had "an ongoing dialogue with California" on emissions standards but declined to discuss details. Stanley Young, a spokesman for the California Air Resources Board, the state's clean air regulator, declined to disclose the state of negotiations.


But privately, officials from the Trump administration and California, along with representatives of major automakers, are searching for a compromise that could save a uniform set of standards for the entire country, according to a half-dozen people briefed on recent communications among the parties. One person close to the Trump administration said he considered communications with California as "active and ongoing."


These are the Central American migrants in Trump's crosshairs," by LATimes' Kate Linthicum: "Trump's threats have sparked a political crisis in Mexico, with its leaders decrying what they see as an insult to Mexico's sovereignty while at the same time scrambling to bring the migrants in line with Mexican immigration laws." Story


New performance metrics for immigration judges focus on higher volume, speedier decisions," by San Diego Union-Tribune's Kate Morrissey: "The metrics require judges to complete 700 cases per year to be considered 'satisfactory,' and completing fewer than 560 cases per year would be "unsatisfactory," according to the performance plan." Story


Trump v. California: The biggest legal clashes," by NYTimes' Adam Liptak: "The state has filed 29 lawsuits against the federal government since President Trump took office, on issues including immigration, the environment and voting rights." Story


San Francisco sues US attorney general over scrapping of civil rights guidelines,'' by SFChronicle's Bob Egelko: "San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera opened another front Thursday in the city's legal combat with the Trump administration, suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the unexplained withdrawals of Obama-era civil rights guidelines meant to protect poor people from jail for unpaid fines and strengthen rights of the disabled. Story.


Does the Trump administration's plan to modernize anti-blight laws stack up?" by Reveal News' Aaron Glantz and Emmanuel Martinez: "The move marks the first time the Trump administration has outlined its vision to address lending disparities impacting poor and working class neighborhoods. The much-anticipated, 35-page report was the result of more than 80 meetings with academics, advocacy groups, banks and trade associations." Story


No, California's 'sanctuary state' law does not allow the release of dangerous criminals to the streets,'' by LATimes' Jazmine Ulloa: "As the fight over California's immigration policies intensifies, so have the attacks from opponents who argue its landmark "sanctuary state" law is allowing the release of violent criminals into the streets. Story.


Aliso Viejo, San Juan Capistrano side against sanctuary state law; Fullerton stays out of fray,'' by OC Register's Roxana Kopetman: "Two more Orange County cities jumped on the anti-sanctuary bandwagon: Aliso Viejo and San Juan Capistrano. Fullerton, meanwhile, is choosing to sit it out. They join a growing number of cities looking to side with the Trump administration in fighting three new California laws that offer protections to people living in the country illegally. But there's also now some pushback." Story.


Will Riverside and San Bernardino counties join the federal lawsuit against the sanctuary state law?," by Press-Enterprise's Jeff Horseman: "There appears to be little to no sentiment among Riverside or San Bernardino County supervisors to follow Orange County's lead in joining a federal lawsuit against California over state laws intended to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation." Story


Signs of life amid scars and loss," by SFChronicle's Lizzie Johnson and Kevin Fagan: "Peter Alan wants to turn the rubble of his Craftsman art studio into something meaningful. Lisa Mast longs to look out her window and see something across the street besides blackened reminders of the flames that swept through before sunrise Oct. 9." Story


Legislature releases details on 5 older harassment cases -this time detailing five cases it substantiated or in which a settlement was reached-involving elected members and high-level employees between 1992 and 2005. Story.


California lawmakers want to roll back some criminal sentencing laws, keep young offenders out of adult court," by LATimes' Jazmine Ulloa: Story


Commentary: Politics may defeat common sense on bonds," by CALmatters' Dan Walters: Column


Sweeping California housing bill attacked on author's home turf," by Mercury News Katy Murphy: "A polarizing housing bill that would force California cities to allow taller apartment buildings by BART stops and other transit hubs has been pummeled with opposition from local officials - a group that now includes former colleagues of the bill's author, San Francisco Democrat Sen. Scott Wiener." Story


Oil beneath San Mateo county? You betcha," by KQED's Rachael Myrow: "Oil. Since Americans first understood its capacity to make all kinds of machines run, they began to dig under the soil. Now, when you think of oil drilling in California, you probably think of Southern California and the Inland Empire. But did you know there are oil fields in the Bay Area?" Story


Earthquake early-warning system gave heads-up before 5.3 temblor hit L.A. area," by LATimes' Rong-Gong Lin II: Story


Dying friend of Anne Wojcicki gets help - after the 23andMe founder shamed Stanford, Valley Med," by Mercury News' Lisa M. Krieger: Story


California Family Gets $1.6 Million After 3-Year-Old Was Scarred by Bedbugs," by NYTimes' Christina Caron: Story


San Jose joins 21 cities to get 'smart' about tech in transportation," by Mercury News' Erin Baldassari: Story


Out of options, SF police union endorses Alioto in mayor's race," by SFChronicle's Matier & Ross: Story


'Potent' atmospheric river to bombard central California on Friday and Saturday," by WashPost's Matthew Cappucci: Story





Mercedes-Benz expands to Lafayette

Mercedes-Benz has expanded to Lafayette, opening an AMG certified dealership - one they say is the first in the area. 





Man sues ex-boss after 'pocket dial' cost him his job




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