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Post Date:04/09/2018 11:46 AM

Local News Roundup for #Lafayette, California

Moraga Police Warn Of Skimming

Local residents are reporting fraudulent charges on their credit cards made in Southern California.


‘She was too frightened to resist’: Two Contra Costa inmates were raped by deputy, their attorney alleges

A civil rights attorney put out a statement Monday saying a deputy had raped two inmates last week, not had consensual sex as authorities say.





Who caused the Bay Area's housing shortage?

To solve the problem, it's crucial to understand the factors that turned the Bay Area's real estate market into one of the country's most dysfunctional.


SB 827 Retains an Awful Lot of Local Control and Community Planning

A few months ago, I introduced SB 827, my bill to allow more housing near public transportation. The bill has triggered a statewide, very robust discussion about our dire housing situation, the need to do a lot more to address it — as opposed to nibbling around the edges — and the role the state should play (or not play) in setting standards. I am extremely appreciative of the engagement of so many people, including those who are critics of the bill. The dialogue and feedback has been very helpful, and we will shortly be making amendments to the bill based on that feedback.


Yes, California has a housing crisis. But killing community planning isn't how democracy should work

The goal of SB 827 is unquestionably worthy. California's record-high rents and surging homeless population are the results, in great part, of a failure to build enough housing over the last few decades.


Dick Spotswood: San Francisco progressives join suburbia in opposing Wiener bill

The city's Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 (with a united progressive block in support) that “SB 827 is fundamentally flawed.


Breed Uses Reddit AMA To Boast Pro-Development Stance

When asked how she planned to continue Mayor Lee's policy of building or rehabilitating 5,000 new units every year, Breed responded in a very much pro-SB 827, get those NIMBYs out of here kind of way.


Overheated rhetoric won't win the housing debate

During the recent Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee hearing on a resolution to oppose SB 827, supporters of increased density repeatedly called out the seniors who spoke against the state legislation.


Kim runs against Wiener housing bill in her race for mayor

I don't want the state to start tinkering with all the planning of San Francisco.


Editorial: California can’t spend way out of housing crisis
San Francisco Chronicle


‘The Bay Area is broken:’ Why local startups are hiring outside Silicon Valley
East Bay Times


Palo Alto to consider easing path for low-cost housing
Mercury News





Power players map strategy to get Bay Area bridge toll hike passed in June
San Francisco Chronicle


Autonomous vehicle test programs move big step closer
Mercury News


The missing billions spent on gasoline in California each year
San Diego Union Tribune





Council hears need to address city's structural deficit

Martinez has a budgetary structural deficit that, if left unaddressed, will get worse as California Public Employees Retirement Service (CalPERS) costs rise.





Sebastian Gorka tells conservatives meeting in Riverside: 'We can take California back,'" by PE's Jeff Horseman: "Donald Trump's 2016 victory is proof that even a deep-blue state like California can be won by Republicans, former Trump White House adviser Sebastian Gorka told a gathering of conservatives Sunday, April 8 in Riverside. 'I am here to tell you, it's possible, even in California,' Gorka said to cheers and applause as the keynote speaker at the Fifth Annual Unite Inland Empire Conservative Conference. 'All the rules have been broken. Donald Trump took the rulebook of the elite and shredded it, burned it and then jumped up and down on it.'" Story


LA Hopes to Calm Fears, But Trade War Worries Loom," by Conan Nolan on NBC4: "Los Angeles' leading international trade advocate is visiting three foreign capitals this week to help calm fears over the trade policies now being voiced by the Trump administration. Stephen Cheung, the President of the World Trade Center Los Angeles, says he will be visiting Berlin, Germany, Marställe, France and Vancouver, Canada ... But Cheung says his real concern is the potential for a trade war with China." Story


Deconstructing Trump's whopper about California voter fraud," by LATimes' John Myers: "The easy analysis of President Trump's relentless attacks on California's 2016 election results is this: Maybe he simply hasn't gotten over the thumping he took in the Golden State. But there's more than just Trump's feelings at stake when he keeps claiming there's rampant voter fraud here. There's real civic danger when the president peddles that whopper." Story


Governors Could be Powerless to Deny Trump Troop Request," by AP's Andrew Selsky and Tom James: "President Donald Trump's plan to deploy National Guard troops to the border with Mexico has drawn resistance from some governors, most of them Democrats, but they could be powerless to deny the commander in chief's request for soldiers. Governors have some leeway to say no presidents, but depending on which federal law Trump uses to order the deployment, the matter could be out of the governors' hands." Story


Gov. Brown Hedges On Sending Troops To Border," via AP: "California Gov. Jerry Brown has been silent on President Donald Trump's call this week for National Guard troops to help protect the southern border with Mexico. That contrasts with the Democratic governor's quick response when Trump's administration recently sued over the deep blue state's immigration policy days before the president journeyed to San Diego to view his border wall prototypes earlier this year." Story


Sheriff's association weighs in against California's sanctuary state laws," by SFChronicle's Bob Egelko: "A law enforcement organization whose members include every county sheriff in California and across the nation threw its support Friday behind the Trump administration's challenge to the state's sanctuary laws, telling a federal judge that the laws interfere with immigration enforcement and could even subject local officers to criminal charges." Story


Pardoned by Brown, blasted by Trump: Bay Area man grateful for 2nd chance," by SFChronicle's Lizzie Johnson: "Within hours, Daniel Maher's name was everywhere. 'Did you hear the good news?' asked his colleagues at the Ecology Center in Berkeley, where the 44-year-old works. Gov. Jerry Brown had just pardoned 56 ex-convicts in a pre-Easter act of clemency. Maher was among them. Then, a day later, his name was everywhere again: President Trump was tweeting that Brown had pardoned five "criminal illegal aliens" and asked, "Is this what the great people of California want?" First on the list was someone whose crimes included kidnapping and robbery. That was Maher." Story


Why can't Orange County leaders stop doing such ugly things?" by Zócalo Public Square's Joe Mathews in SacBee: "... Protecting its own immigrants and providing housing for its own people shouldn't be a heavy lift for a wealthy county with 3.2 million people - more than the populations of 21 states. Orange County is one of the richest jurisdictions on earth, with a bigger economy than Greece or Portugal. But the recent decisions on immigrants and the homeless weren't surprising. Orange County has an especially bad case of a California malady: Our local governments can't meet the challenges of our diverse and globally oriented communities." Story


He has become a hashtag and a movement for change. But who was the real Stephon Clark?" by SacBee's Cynthia Hubert and Benjy Egel: "Once again, an unarmed black man had been killed by officers under questionable circumstances. His death sparked massive protests that have shut down freeways, delayed NBA games and captured worldwide attention. But who exactly was the handsome, 22-year-old father of two whose easy smile projects from posters and TV screens and the front pages of newspapers? Clark's life, like his death, was complicated, according to public records and interviews with those who knew him." Story


Is your lawyer a crook? The California State Bar may soon let you know," by BANG's Tracey Kaplan: "What do you call up to 10 percent of lawyers in California? Convicted criminals. And that's no rotten-lawyer joke. That's the eye-popping new estimate by the agency that licenses them. Of California's 190,000 active attorneys, as many as 19,000 may have unreported criminal activity, from DUIs to more serious offenses, according to the State Bar of California." Story


California Assembly staffer quit amid harassment probe," by AP's Sophia Bollag: "A high-level staffer in the California Assembly resigned this year during an investigation that found it likely he sexually harassed two female employees, according to documents released Friday. The documents are the latest released by the Legislature after leaders promised to proactively disclose completed investigations where accusations against lawmakers or high-ranking staffers are found to be substantiated, meaning investigators find it 'more likely than not' the behavior occurred." Story


We pay millions for sex offender therapy at Coalinga hospital. Most patients aren't in it," by Fresno Bee's Mackenzie Mays: "Thirteen years after Coalinga State Hospital was built to treat the state's sexually violent predators, some of the men there say they're more like prisoners than patients, and that the multimillion-dollar facility once criticized for its amenities is a sort of purgatory failing to rehabilitate offenders - and therefore failing the public." Story


SF man awarded $10 million after jury finds police framed him for murder," by SFChronicle's Bob Egelko: Story


California wineries brace for bottle shock as US-China trade war escalates," via KPCC: Story


Police using 'drone killers' to disable flying devices in emergency situations," by LATimes' Phil Diehl: Story


California disability clients, state employees hit by data breach," by SacBee's Adam Ashton: Story


Man beaten by Sacramento cop after jaywalking stop settles his case for more than money," by SacBee's Anita Chabria: Story





Lafayette honors Cesar Chavez with 14th annual celebration of civil rights leader

Christina Perez, left. and other members of Grupo Tlaloc Danza Azteca, lead the march to the LafayettePublic Library.





Police, fed up with lingering cold weather, 'arrests' winter



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