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Almost Daily Briefing

Post Date:07/05/2018 9:02 AM

News Roundup for #LoveLafayette



Assistance League Way Side Inn Thrift Shop Pops at the Seams!  The dedicated member volunteers at Assistance League Way Side Inn Thrift Shop, located at 3521 Golden Gate Way in Lafayette, agree that this well-known landmark is literally "popping at the seams." (Patch)

Contra Costa Grand Jury blasts unchecked government agencies writing their own checks -An obscure government agency, the Joint Powers Authority, can take on significant debt without oversight from the county, the state or the voters. (East Bay Times)

Another Window Smash Auto Burglary Outside A Peet’s Monday – This Time In Orinda - A hardworking and highly mobile car burglar made off with a MacBook Pro and other items outside the Peet’s location in Orinda Monday. (News24/680)

Firefighters extinguish blaze at abandoned home in Walnut Creek -Fire crews put out a blaze at an abandoned home early Thursday, a fire dispatcher said. (East Bay Times)

“Marge, All Of A Sudden We Have Orange Birds And Deer In Moraga!” -A smoky, fast-moving little brush fire on the hillside behind Buckingham Drive in Moraga got everyone’s attention– particularly the air aces from CalFire. (News24/680)

Walnut Creek officials searching for family of dog who jumped into police cruiser  -Walnut Creek officials are searching for family of dog who jumped into a police cruiser. Walnut Creek police need your help to identify the dog.  (KGO-TV)



The County Fire has nearly tripled in size over the past several days, scorching more than 86,000 acres in Yolo and Napa Counties. It threatens about 1,500 structures, including hundreds of homes. (The San Francisco Chronicle)



Developer Plans To Build Rare Transit-Oriented Development In North Bay  -Laulima Development has proposed one of the first North Bay developments for the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit train stations. (Blog)

The YIMBYs Are Coming: LA's Pro-development Groups Are Building Momentum -While pro-development organizations continue to plough money into statewide initiatives to boost housing and expand existing zoning laws - which opponents say maintain affordability - in L.A., a grassroots movement at the neighborhood level is growing. YIMBYs are staking out territory block by block, hoping to influence development one project, and one elected official, at a time.  (The Real Deal)

Finding Just the Right Height for High-Density Housing Proves Challenging  -The Encinitas City Council met on May 23 to continue discussions on the proposed development standards, working toward determining what high-density housing should look like within the city's borders. (Coast News Group)

Rent's political impact: With Bay Area apartment prices continuing to rise with no signs of slowing down, the market could have an impact on a November ballot measure that would lift restrictions on local cities' ability to enact rent control. (BANG)

Could driverless cars increase traffic in downtown areas? A new study suggests that they might, arguing that people will embrace ride-hailing services and abandon public transit. (The Washington Post)



CalPERS Comptroller Concerned over Capital for Underserved Areas -CalPERS Investment Committee members have expressed concern that underserved communities will no longer receive an economic stimulus. (Chief Investment officer)

Buyout firms' profit-goosing scheme spurs backlash from clients  -At Calpers, private equity funds reported an average 12.1 per cent annual return over the past five years, the most of any major asset class in the fund. (The Business Times)

CalPERS wants PE revamp to move quickly -Private equity has averaged 10.6 per cent annually over the last 20 years and is also the only portfolio forecast to beat CalPERS' 7 per cent return. (Blog)



California Revives 100-Percent Carbon-Free Energy Bill…Story

California did not violate freedom of religion or the right to an education when it required virtually all public and private school students to be vaccinated against contagious illnesses in 2016, a state appeals court says… Story

More Women Than Men: State Legislatures Could Shift for the First Time… Story

Pay gaps, harassment and a restroom three floors down: Women in the Bay Area's male-dominated tech world have a strikingly dimmer view of gender equality at work than women in other sectors… Story

Subject of Google vs. Uber trade secrets case resurfaces with new self-driving vehicle startup… Story



After latest drilling bid revelation, Lafayette says it will punt vote on new oil and gas regulations -Lafayette's City Council will delay a vote on its proposed oil and gas bid until at least after the November election.



A Bay Area-based online dictionary is gaining attention for its engagement with the tweeting president as well as finding ways to turn pop culture moments into etymology lessons…Story



Lafayette’s Way Side Inn thrift store is popping at the seams! See Local News, above.


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