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Post Date:08/23/2018 9:32 AM

News Roundup for #LoveLafayette



Residents Visiting Lafayette, Walnut Creek Locations May Have Been Exposed To Measles Virus - Some Contra Costa residents and visitors may have been exposed to measles recently after a Contra Costa County resident visited several public venues while contagious, including Aug. 14, from 9 a.m.-11 a.m., at Chow Restaurant, 53 Lafayette Circle, Lafayette (News 24/680)

Alert – Potential Exposure to Measles at Chow in Lafayette and John Muir ER in Walnut Creek - We have notified people in Contra Costa who were known to be in close contact to the case, but not every potential contact at a public venue can be identified. Anyone who visited these locations…could have potentially been exposed to the measles virus and should check immunity status. (Beyond The Creek)

Measles Warning: Exposure In Lamorinda, Walnut Creek  -A person who was contagious with measles visited these locations, on these dates. Have you eaten at this restaurant lately? (Patch)

Authorities in the East Bay are warning anyone who was in two specific locations on specific dates that they may have been exposed to measles. (BANG)



Proposal for Longer, Double-Trailer Trucks Is a Dangerous Idea -In 2016, nearly 4,000 Americans died in accidents involving large trucks. Does anyone believe even larger trucks on the roads would decrease this tragic figure? (Wall Street Journal Letter to the Editor by Mayor Don Tatzin – Paywall)

Utilities Work on Moraga Road There will be lane closures and delays in the vicinity of School Street on Thursday and Friday (Patch)

Parents outraged after district moves teen who allegedly threatened mass murder to nearby school -Childers went into action and created an online petition urging officials to completely remove the student from the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. (Blog)

Parents push to have boy removed from Pleasant Hill school after mass shooting threat  - A teen boy was arrested in June in connection to his plan to kill at least 30 people at a Pleasant Hill middle school. (KTVU)

Judge gives Bay Area bank robber five years in prison -In previously released plea documents, Wesley Krohn said in December 2015 and January 2016 he committed armed robberies in Pleasant Hill. (East Bay Times)

Man stabbed at BART station in Fremont -A man was stabbed early Thursday morning at the Warm Springs BART station, BART police said. (East Bay Times)

The man accused of fatally stabbing Nia Wilson on a BART platform could face the death penalty or life in prison without parole. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Customers sad about Orchard Supply Hardware’s demise - Customers who went to the Orchard Supply Hardware flagship store in San Jose on Wednesday morning expressed sadness that the chain is being closed by parent company Lowe's. (BANG)

Moraga entrepreneur opens town’s first coworking space -Commons Place offers a work environment where local business people can meet and share experiences. (East Bay Times)

Has Walnut Creek’s Tutti Frutti fro-yo shop closed for good? - After several years of serving sweet treats, the Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt in Walnut Creek has closed — at least temporarily. (BANG)



Soaring overtime fattens paychecks of California cops and firefighters. But at a cost -All but a handful of California's 58 county governments saw overtime. San Leandro, Sunnyvale, Contra Costa County, Humboldt County. (Sacramento Bee)



Putting transit close to home: It's one of the big housing bills facing state legislators this session: a measure that would allow BART to bypass many local restrictions on building new housing on land the agency owns. But the battle between advocates for more housing and those supporting local control is all but certain to play out yet again in Sacramento. (BANG article quoting Mayor Don Tatzin)

Bill Would Force Cities to Use BART Standards on BART-owned TOD -BART land near its stations in any cities that BART believes are lagging behind its year-old standards for Transit Oriented Developments.(Livermore Independent)

Bound and Gagged: City Attorney Orders Neighborhood Council to Keep Its Mouth Shut - In a gaff straight outta Donald Trump's press briefing room, the City Attorney directed the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) to cease and desist from speaking to a local newspaper.  (City Watch)

Sierra Club California Housing Policy: Meeting Our Housing Needs and Protecting the Environment -This paper outlines the factors that have led to the housing crisis as well as its effects on California's population and economy. It lays out a nine-step plan for accelerating housing production, asserting that this can be done in conjunction with protecting wildlands and reducing greenhouse gases. (Sierra Club California)

Rent Burden Strains More Than Three-quarters of Low-income Seniors in California, Study Finds -Low-income seniors who rent - numbering more than half a million - can be forced to move far from their established social and medical networks to find rentals they can afford; they may end up in substandard housing; or - at worst - homeless, according to authors of the study. (UCLA)

'Troubling' Findings on Who Speaks Up About Housing Development  -New research highlights concerns that local officials are hearing a narrow subset of views at public meetings. (Route Fifty)



Government pay watchdog wants CalPERS to name retirees with disability pensions -A nonprofit organization that publishes California government employee salary and pension data is suing CalPERS (Sacramento Bee)

Open government group sues CalPERS over data on pension types-An open government group is suing the California Public Employees' Retirement System, saying it has failed to disclose records that should be public. (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

CalPERS Announces Candidate Forum For 2018 Board Election -CalPERS members are invited to attend the CalPERS Board of Administration Candidate Forum on Wednesday, September 5. (Exchange News Direct )



Alameda schools' new dress code: Tube tops are in, shaming girls is out… Story.

Judge Won't Throw Out California Suits Over Census Question… Story.

Legislature has been snuffing out bills that aim to help insured homeowners in wildfire country… Story.

California's Wildfire Liability Law Won't Change This Year, Dealing Setback To Utilities Like PG&E...Story.

California homeowners get to pass low property taxes to their kids… Story.

More Evidence That California Is Deteriorating Into a Feudal Society of Inherited Land Wealth… Story.

A quiet and important fight is brewing over how much must be spent on California's schools…Story.

No fair, say Uber drivers slapped with SFO tickets… Story.



Lafayette native to compete in US Senior Amateur Championships -The Lafayette native has attempted to qualify for the national seniors.



Comedian Jon Stewart rescued goats from the New York subway tracks. The former Daily Show host helped catch the goats, which were grazing on the N line.



Measle Alert News 24-680

If you were at Chow Restaurant, 53 Lafayette Circle, in Lafayette, on August 14, from 9 a.m.-11 a.m., please see Top Story, above. (Photo: News 24/680)


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