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Almost Daily Briefing

Post Date:11/01/2018 9:34 AM

News Roundup for #LoveLafayette



More Bay Area home buyers sitting out as prices continue to rise - Bay Area sales volume in September dropped nearly 20 percent, scraping lows not seen in more than a decade. (East Bay Times)

Moraga Elections Hotter And Dirtier This Year Than In Years Past -Moraga’s elections generally are quiet and sometimes even uncontested.  That’s not the case this year.  Some have likened the current race to Chicago- and Russian-style politics. (News 24/680)

Downtown plan for Livermore is hottest topic this election, but will it divide the city? The city’s downtown plan seems to be on the forefront of every council candidate’s mind, a topic that some say is causing a riff in the community, with one even dropping out of the race over the issue. (BANG)

Orinda crime declines in past four years - Crime has steadily dropped in Orinda for the past four years. (East Bay Times)

Walnut Creek PD Seek Agile, Determined Burglar -Walnut Creek police say a man scaled the security fence to gain entry into a condo complex courtyard in the downtown area and, after getting in, opened a patio slider, entered a condo, and stole a purse from one of the units. (News 24/680)

Oakland to spend $8.6 million for more Tuff shed sites, RV parks for homeless - The city received $8.6 million to address the homeless situation.(BANG)

BART to permanently close one Civic Center station entrance Thursday -BART will permanently close an entrance to its Civic Center station at 8th and Market streets Thursday, shutting off a portal to the Hotel Whitcomb and several theaters in San Francisco’s struggling mid-Market arts district. (SF Gate)

Hayward townhouses get OK from city’s Planning Commission - The Hayward Planning Commission has backed a proposal to build eight townhouses in the Burbank neighborhood. (BANG)

Your Missing Bicycle May Be In Danville Police Storage  -Police in Danville are asking for the public's help reuniting a handful of recovered bicycles with their owners. (Patch) 

An East Bay high school kid is headed to Churchill Downs to watch the horse he trains - John Del Secco squeezed his brown cowboy boot firmly onto the gas pedal. The 18-year-old’s Ford F150 — silver and black, the color scheme of his favorite football team — bolted out of Danville’s sleepy suburbs and made a hard turn westward onto Highway 24. (East Bay Times)



Great Expectations Playing at Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette Nov 29th – Dec 16th

Urban Alley (Temporarily) Closes in Downtown Walnut Creek

Madison Reed Color Bar Closer to Opening in Broadway Plaza

Kurumi under New Ownership in Downtown Walnut Creek



The Central Valley is home to the nation’s most expensive congressional race this year. Representative Devin Nunes has leveraged his role defending President Trump to raise more than $17 million. (KQED)

The political feud between Mr. Trump and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has raised concerns about whether the president will take more aggressive aim at California if Mr. Newsom is elected governor. (The Sacramento Bee)

California paid at least $4 billion for questionable Medi-Cal claims, a report found. (KCRA)

Workers at 23 Marriott-operated hotels around the country,  including those in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and San Diego, are on strike for better wages. Here’s what you need to know. (The New York Times)



Pleasanton, BART to Start Liaison Panel  -It will discuss cooperative policies and actions that concern the future of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), and such issues as safety and policing. (Livermore Independent)

Ballot measures at the state and city level show the variety of policy approaches aimed at slowing the affordable housing and homelessness crisis. (CityLab)

The fight over an initiative to expand rent control has spilled beyond California’s borders for some of the state’s largest real estate investors. (The Los Angeles Times)

Some Neighborhoods Are Becoming ‘Candy Deserts’ on Halloween -Instead of going door-to-door, many parents are taking their kids elsewhere to get candy. (City Lab)

E-scooter companies to pay to operate in Oakland - The companies -- which have been operating without regulation -- will have to pay thousands for permits to operate in Oakland, and even more in fines if scooters are parked improperly. (BANG)

Durham’s Plan to ‘Nudge’ Drivers Out of Cars -Behavioral science strategies like offering prizes are getting people into public transit. (City Lab)

Uber and Lyft are making streets deadlier. Since 2011, the ride-hailing services have caused an estimated 3% increase in US traffic deaths. (Quartz)



Don't Let CalPERS' CEO Scandal Divert Attention From the System's Accomplishments -The negative publicity CalPERS is facing should not distract attention from the positive steps the system has taken in the areas of transparency. (Reason Foundation)



California hasn't mattered in national politics for a long time. Here's why this Nov. 6 is different…Story.

San Francisco spends $310,000 to register 49 non-citizens to vote in school election…Story

How California has become a national battleground for rent control as money flows in from landlords… Story.

Two years early, San Diego achieves pledge to repair 1,000 miles of streets… Story



Downtown Alive! stirred Lafayette's dying heart  -Downtown Alive! stirred Lafayette's dying heart, said the then-mayor who opposed the idea and offered no reason.



Lego figurines are getting less joyful. Smiling faces have become less common, while angry expressions are on the rise.



For Sale Signs

Bay Area home prices continue to rise, although there are fewer buyers. See Local News, above.

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