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Welcome to Lafayette!  Whether you're new in town, or relocating, the City is glad to have your business.  To help you get established, we have summarized the basics about signage.  

Temporary Signs
If you're a new business and don't have signage approved by the City yet, the Sign Ordinance allows you to have a temporary banner sign.  These temporary signs do not require a Sign Permit; however must comply with all of the following standards:

  1. The temporary signage is limited to: (1) the name of the business, (2) the address, and (3) the principal classification of goods sold or services offered; and
  2. The aggregate sign area of all signs does not exceed thirty (30) square feet; and 
  3. Each allowed sign may remain in place only while the new business is going through the necessary administrative procedure to obtain and install its permanent business sign. In no event shall a temporary commercial sign be in place for longer than ninety (90) days; and
  4. No more than one sign is allowed on each principal frontage.

New Signs
To install a new business sign, you'll need to first obtain approval by the Planning and Building Department.  Bring in conceptual sign plans to review with a planner during counter hours to determine if your signage requires a Sign Permit and the level of review it requires.  If your business is located in a center that has an approved Master Sign Plan, you will need to comply with the conditions of that plan.  You can read more about business signs in our handout and in the Sign Ordinance. All signs require a building permit.  

Prohibited Signs
The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing the Sign Ordinance.  If a business has a prohibited sign, the Code Enforcement Officer will pursue administrative remedies pursuant to chapters 1-3 and 1-9 of the Lafayette Municipal Code.  Administrative citations and fines may be issued for each day a violation occurs.  Listed below are commonly used prohibited signs.  Please refer to the Sign Ordinance for the full list of prohibited signs. 

  1. A-frame or sandwich board signs
  2. Banner signs (except for temporary signs, as listed above)
  3. Flashing, internally or externally illuminated, moving, rotating, animated or inflated signs
  4. Portable signs (not permanently affixed to the ground or a structure)