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City Departments

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The following are the major departments of the City, including a description of their main functions. Since Lafayette is a limited service city, many services are provided by contracting with other agencies. Please visit the Services page for a listing of these and other services.

Administration: Responsible for overall city operations such as human resources, finance and office operations. Key staff members include the City Manager, Administrative Services Director, City Clerk, and Financial Services Manager.

Code Enforcement: Responsible for enforcing the Lafayette Municipal Code. The Code Enforcement Officer concentrates on the investigation and abatement of complaints involving land use (zoning), housing conditions, abandoned vehicles, signs, fences and general public nuisances.

Engineering: Responsible for developing, managing and inspecting Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and the Pavement Management Program (PMP). This department also manages circulation issues, and encroachment permits.

Parks & Recreation: Responsible for the management and operation of a variety of recreation programs, special events and facilities including the Lafayette Community Center, the Community Park and a system of city trails. Parks & Recreation also includes Senior and Teen Services.

Planning & Building: Responsible for current and long-term planning for the physical development of the community that is consistent with the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and the direction of the City Council. Residential and commercial development is reviewed for conformance to applicable regulations.

Police: Responsible for public safety, law enforcement, emergency operations and parking control.

Public Works: Responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the City including road repair, storm drains, and landscaping of public property.