Finance & Budget

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Tracy Robinson, Administrative Services Director
(925) 299-3227

Jennifer Wakeman, Asst. Administrative Services Director
(925) 299-3213

Financial Transparency

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Budget Process

The City's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Each year, the Administrative Services Director prepares two budgets -- the Proposed Budget, which is approved in June, and the Final Budget, which is approved in December. The budget process is as follows:

  • In January, the City Council meets to set the goals and priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

  • In February and March, the department heads prepare their preliminary budgets and incorporate requests from commissions and committees.

  • In mid-March, each department head meets with the City Manager, Administrative Services Director and Finance Manager to review the budget requests.

  • In mid-April, the Administrative Services Director presents the Proposed Budget to the Finance Committee.

  • At the end of May, the Proposed Budget is introduced at a regular City Council meeting.

  • The City Council holds a special budget workshop meeting, usually the first week in June. At this meeting, the public is invited to comment on the budget and the Council makes a number of important policy decisions regarding the budget.

  • The budget, and any changes made to it during the budget workshop, are adopted by resolution at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

  • After the audit for the prior fiscal year has been completed, usually in late September, the Administrative Services Director begins work on the Final Budget. The Final Budget incorporates actual expenses and revenues from the prior fiscal year, as well as any changes made by the City Council to the Proposed Budget. If other programs or expenditures are anticipated, these items are incorporated into the Final Budget as well.

  • The City Council reviews the Final Budget at a regularly scheduled meeting in December, and adopts the Final Budget by resolution.

Current Budget