City Construction Projects

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Five-Year Capital Improvement Program:

2020-2024 Five-Year Capital Improvement program


Projects Awaiting Award:

2020 Road Resurfacing Project


Projects Bidding:

2020 Pleasant Hill Road Resurfacing Project 

Bid Process:

Public Notification and Advertising:  For projects subject to formal public bidding, builder’s exchanges are notified and a public notice is posted in the legal section of the Contra Costa Times. A set of project bid documents is sent to any builder’s exchange that requests them, as well as more than a dozen that always receive copies.  

Obtaining Bid Documents: When the City has construction projects out to bid, the bid documents can be purchased for a fee through the Engineering Services Department. The fees are non-refundable and will vary, based on the actual cost to produce the documents. The project Special Provisions can also be viewed online, and, where applicable, a copy of the Plans may also be accessed for viewing and download upon receipt of a request to the Engineering Services Department for the online link.

In addition, the following bid-related documents are always available online for viewing or downloading:

City of Lafayette Standard Specifications
California General Prevailing Wages
Federal Minimum Prevailing Wages 

id Opening and Award: On the day of the bid opening, once the bid tabulations of each submitted bid have been checked and the apparent low bidder has been identified, detailed bid results are published on the City Construction Projects web page. The City then goes through a review process and submits the project to Council for project award, typically within two to six weeks after the bid opening.



CalRecycle Grant Funding:

As part of the 2013 Surface Seal Program, the City of Lafayette received grant funding of $45,400 from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to apply 45,400 square yards of rubberized chip seal surfacing on 23 streets throughout the city. For more information, click here.

Major Development Projects:

In addition to City construction projects, the City has a Major Development Projects Map. The webpage describes information about each project including application number, scope of work, General Plan Land Use Classification, zoning district, lot area, stories/height, gross floor area, project status, project images/plans, and contact information for each major development project.  All new commercial construction, new multi-family construction projects of 5 units or greater, and all major subdivisions will be included.