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  • Q:Are we wasting money by doing a chip seal instead of just fixing the road like it should be done?

  • Q:How much is needed to repair all the roads in Lafayette?

  • Q:Where does the money for road repair come from?

  • Q:Why did the City let the roads get this bad to begin with?

  • Q:What has been done so far about fixing the road funding problem?

  • Q:What are my setbacks?

  • Q:When will my street be paved/repaired?

  • Q:Is there a fee for creek setback review?

  • Q:If my proposed work is within the creek setback area, can I apply for an exception to proceed with the work?

  • Q:What is a creek setback area, and how is it determined for my property?

  • Q:What are "sharrows"?

  • Q:When do I need an Encroachment Permit?

  • Q:How do I get my Encroachment Permit deposit back?

  • Q:How do I get an Encroachment Permit?

  • Q:Why don’t we charge Moraga for the use of our roads?

  • Q:Why don’t EMBUD, PG&E, Comcast and CentralSan pay for the damage they do to the streets? Why doesn’t the City coordinate their street repairs with these agencies?

  • Q:Why does the City repave roads that are already in good shape?

  • Q:How do I report a problem with street cleaning, clogged culverts, a fallen sign, branches that need trimming, graffiti, and other maintenance problems?

  • Q:If I have problems with the sewer, whom do I call?

  • Q:I live on a private road in Lafayette. Will the city repair the street?

  • Q:Where can I get a parking permit?

  • Q:Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of my home?

  • Q:Where do I report malfunctioning traffic signals?