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Traffic, parking, and pedestrian and bicycle issues are important to Lafayette. The City employs a full-time Transportation Planner to provide professional and technical recommendations on local, sub-regional, and regional transportation planning and policy issues. 

A wide variety of services and information resources are provided to the public, covering the following topics:

  • Traffic Concerns 
    Do you have a concern about vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian safety in your neighborhood or elsewhere in Lafayette? Submitting a Transportation Action Request Form is the first step towards review of your traffic and transportation concern, such as changes in parking regulations, or installing stop signs, crosswalks, or traffic calming measures. Information gathered from action requests and also from traffic counts helps the City plan for future improvements. 
  • Walking and Biking in Lafayette
    Interested in learning more about safe and enjoyable bicycling, or plans proposed for improving pedestrian and bicycle pathways within Lafayette? A variety of tips, plans and local studies are available for your review.
  • Transportation Options
    Considering alternatives to driving alone, or interested in transportation services available to school children or seniors?  Public transportation offers a number of options, from BART and carpooling, to school bus and senior transportation services.
  • Parking 
    Includes information on parking locations, residential parking permits, and parking citations.

  • Commissions and Committees 
    The City of Lafayette's Circulation Commission advises the City Council on matters pertaining to traffic safety, parking, and pedestrian/bicycle issues.

1.   Lamorinda Transit Service Alternatives Study

a.  Existing Conditions  Executive Summary;  Report  

b.  Service Alternatives (March 2015)  Executive Summary;  Report

c.  Update (Aug 2105)  Executive Summary;  Report

2.   Lamorinda Action Plan

  • Local Plans and Studies:

1.  Downtown Congestion Study 

2.  Past Transportation Studies and Plans


Transportation Staff:

Justin Horng, Assistant Transportation Planner, (925) 299-3229.