Past Transportation Studies & Plans

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A.   Pleasant Hill Road Corridor Study Final Report, and Appendices A, B, C, D, E   

B.   Downtown Signal Coordination Study Final Report, and Appendices  ABCDEFG

C.   Reliez Station Road (Olympic Blvd.- Las Trampas Road/Richelle Court):
           a.  Dowling Associates Memo, May 20, 2005
           b.  Reliez Station Road/Olympic Corridor Study (2015)

D.   Summary of Historical Studies related to Downtown Lafayette Congestion (Items 1 through 14 below)

1.   Adopted Downtown Specific Plan (2012):  "Getting Around" chapter

2.   Downtown Specific Plan Final EIR (2010):  Transportation excerpt

3.   Downtown Specific Plan Draft EIR:  Traffic & Transportation

4.   MORTRAC Staff Report (2004):  Circulation Issues with the Moraga Road Corridor

5.   MORTRAC Staff Report (2003):  Circulation Improvements within the Moraga Road Corridor

6.   MORTRAC Recommendations and Implementation Table

7.   Fehr & Peers (2000):  Technical Memo re Mt. Diablo Boulevard Moraga Road Corridor Analysis

8.   Robert L. Harrison (1999):  Town of Moraga Available Roadway Capacity Study

9.   Dowling Associates (1998)  Lafayette Downtown Traffic Study for Moraga Road Corridor

10.  Robert L. Harrison (1997):  Lafayette Downtown Feasibility Study - LTIP Draft (Rev.)

11.  Barton-Aschman Assoc. (1994):  Lamorinda Traffic Study - Transportation Improvement Program

12.  TJKM (1989):  Core Area Traffic Study in the City of Lafayette

13.  Omni-Means:  City of Lafayette Traffic Safety Study

14.  Omni-Means:  City of Lafayette Traffic Safety Study (continued)