Walking & Biking

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Bikeways Plan
This Plan provides a broad vision and specific strategies and actions for improving bicycling in Lafayette. The Plan is intended to be used as a guide for developing a citywide system of bike lanes, bike routes, bike paths, bicycle parking and other facilities to allow for safe, efficient and convenient bicycle travel within Lafayette and between Lafayette and regional destinations.

Bike Safety
Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Bicycling

What are those markings in the street for?

Walkways Plan

The City's long-range plan for walkways at locations throughout Lafayette.

Aqueduct Pathway Study
Feasibility and Options Study for a Pedestrian and Bicycle Pathway Along the EBMUD Aqueduct Right of Way.

Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is preparing this plan with a view to making the county safer and more convenient for bicyclists and pedestrians. For more information, visit the CCTA website, or contact the project manager Brad Beck, AICP at 925.256.4726.