Lafayette Rink

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Lafayette Rink

Lafayette Community Center Rink is CLOSED

We will update this site as we learn new information 


Lafayette Community Center
500 St. Mary's Road
Lafayette, CA

The Lafayette RINK is a Multi-Sport Facility equipped with full sized hockey dasher boards, basketball hoops, and pickle ball.

Pickle Ball

Come join us for open court time on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30am -12:30pm.  We do have a limited number of pickle balls and rackets for during the drop in times

Sports Classes & Leagues

There are year round sports and classes on the Lafayette Rink. 

 Check out the latest Recreation Guide for details.

Casual Games

If you want to use the RINK for basketball or skating, IT'S OPEN AND FREE!! Come to the Community Center Office Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 to check availability.


 Call 284-2232 to ensure the RINK is available for use.

Please note that we can not allow use of the rink if classes are scheduled.

RINK Rentals

Rink Rental Hourly Rates (2 Hour Minimum)

  • Rental time must include deliveries, decoration, set-up and clean-up
  • Security deposit required in addition to rental fees (Refundable if no damages or infractions)
  • Renter must provide insurance

Call (925) 284-2232 for more information and / or fill out a Rental Application.


  1. No one is allowed on the multi-sport rink without city staff present.
  2. The multi-sport rink is to be used for specific court sports such as basketball and regular non-contact hockey. Recreational skating is also permitted. Unsportsmanlike behavior, or other rough play, will result in removal from the court.
  3. No skating in the halls or parking lots of the Community Center.
  4. All trash must be removed from player benches, court, bleacher area and surrounding areas.
  5. No gum or food of any kind allowed inside the multi-sport rink.
  6. No smoking and no alcoholic beverages are allowed in or around the multi-sport rink.
  7. Appropriate athletic footwear required.
  8. FOR HOCKEY: All players must wear full equipment (helmet, shin/knee guards, face cage, elbow guards, gloves and mouth guard).