Demolition Permit

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A demolition permit is required to demolish any building or structure. The first step is to prepare plans showing the structure(s) to be demolished and tree protection around existing trees. In addition to the plans, submit a Waste Management Plan. The Building Inspection Department will issue the demolition permit after Planning has signed off on the plans. Check with the Building Inspection Department for additional submittal requirements.

Demolition in the downtown first requires a review process, called a Downtown Demolition Permit. This review is done concurrently with a design review application. The intent of this review is to protect structures with historical, cultural or civic importance to Lafayette; and preserve the supply of commercial and residential units in the Downtown.

Is my project subject to a Downtown Demolition Permit?
A Downtown Demolition Permit is required if:
  1. You propose to move, remove or destroy all or any exterior portion of any structure located in the downtown, as shown on General Plan Map I-3.

A Downtown Demolition Permit application must be submitted to the Planning & Building Department for review. The hearing body for the application for a demolition permit shall be the hearing body designated for the Design Review Permit application.

Check the Project Checklist to determine if your project is subject to other triggers for review.