Second Unit Permit

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A Second Unit Permit is required to establish a second unit in a single-family or multi-family residential zoning district. A second unit, sometimes called a guest house, granny flat, au pair, or in-law unit, is defined as an attached or detached residential dwelling unit which provides complete independent facilities for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation for one or more persons. The goal of second units is to facilitate and encourage the development of diverse housing types and additional affordable housing units to accommodate a diversity of Lafayette citizens in terms of age and socio-economic background and to meet the regional housing needs. The intent of this review is to maintain a residential character and ensure that second units are auxiliary to the main residence.

Is my project subject to a Second Unit Permit?
A Second Unit Permit is required if:
  1. A second kitchen is provided on the subject property, either in the main residence or within an accessory building. Kitchens are generally regulated based on plumbing facilities located outside of a bathroom and laundry rooms.
A Second Unit Permit application must be submitted to the Planning & Building Department for review. Second units that comply with all of the development standards are approved by ministerial action of the Zoning Administrator.

Check the Project Checklist to determine if your project is subject to other triggers for review.