Sign Permit

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The City of Lafayette reviews the size, height, design, materials, construction, location, and illumination of signs within the city. The goal is to eliminate visual clutter and traffic hazards while creating a more attractive and healthy economic business climate.

Among other cases, a Sign Permit is not required if:
  1. The business sign is attached to a wall or painted directly on an existing awning on a principal business frontage, is not illuminated, and does not cause the total area of signs on the individual business to exceed 20 square feet.
  2. The business sign is on the surface of a window or visible through the window from the outside.
  3. The sign is a temporary new business sign that will remain no longer than 90 days, is the only sign on a principal business frontage, and does not cause the total sign area to exceed 30 square feet.
  4. The sign is a temporary realty or construction sign that does not exceed 32 square feet and complies with Section 6-2521, 6-2571 or 6-2572.
  5. The sign is a informational, safety, directional or convenience sign that does not exceed 2 square feet.
Generally, small community event signs, political signs, address identification signs, memorial signs, service club signs, and certain service station signs do not require sign permits. However, specific guidelines found in Section 6-2521 and other sections of the code do apply to these signs. National, state, or local government flags 15 square feet or less are also exempted from a sign permit when placed on a flagpole less than 25 feet in height.

Most other signs will require the review of the Zoning Administrator and/or Design Review Commission and the issuance of a Sign Permit.  A Sign Permit application must be submitted to the Planning & Building Department for review. Please review the Sign Ordinance for requirements and to determine whether the signage can be acted upon by the Zoning Administrator or by the Design Review Commission. A Sign Permit will only be approved if it meets the required findings.