Wireless Communications Facilities Permit

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A Wireless Communications Facilities Permit is required to install or modify a wireless communications facility ("WCF").  The purpose of the permit is to protect the visual character and minimize potential adverse aesthetic impacts through appropriate design, siting, screening, and location standards.  Additionally, the intent of the regulations is to ensure that properties within the vicinity of wireless communications facilities are not significantly impacted by noise, traffic, aesthetic, or other impacts over which the City has purview, while balancing the need to provide competitive, varied and high-quality wireless communications services to the residents, schools, government and businesses of Lafayette. 

A Wireless Communications Facilities Permit application must be submitted to the Planning & Building Department for review. Minor Permits can be acted upon at a staff level by the Zoning Administrator, while the majority of projects are acted upon by the Planning Commission. Modifications to existing WCFs are generally reviewed by the original hearing authority.  The hearing body, in considering your permit, has wide latitude in the imposition of conditions to minimize impacts. A Wireless Communications Facilities Permit will only be approved if it meets the required findings and development standards. 

Check the Project Checklist to determine if your project is subject to other triggers for review.