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  1. Affordable housing in Contra Costa County

    The County of Contra Costa maintains a list of affordable and subsidized rental units.

  2. Affordable housing in the Bay Area 

    One Home Bay Area

  3. First-time homebuyer resources 

    The County of Contra Costa maintains a number of resources to assist first-time homebuyers.

  4. Section 8 list wait list
    The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is administered by the Housing Authority of Contra Costa County. 
    To apply for a voucher to rent in Lafayette, call Voucher program: (888-746-8731 (toll free) or go to

Programs for Seniors

These programs provide assistance for needs specific to seniors or refer individuals to other assistance programs.

  1. Contra Costa County Aging and Adult Services

    (800) 510-2020 (toll free) or (925) 229-8434

  2. Lafayette Senior Center

    500 St Mary’s Road
    (925) 284-5050

  3. Meals on Wheels
    (866) 669-6697 (toll free) or (925) 937-8311 or or

Programs Addressing Homelessness

These programs provide temporary emergency housing assistance or refer individuals to other assistance programs.

  1. Contra Costa Crisis Center

    (800) 808-6444 (toll free homeless hotline)
    2-1-1 national toll-free info number

  2. SHELTER, Inc.

    (925) 335-0698

  3. STAND! For Families Free of Violence
    (888) 215-5555 (toll free) or(925) 676-2845

Fair Housing

If you think you've been turned away from renting or purchasing a house or apartment because of your race, national origin, gender, age, disability, family or marital status or sexual orientation, these programs may be able to help you.

  1. Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity (ECHO)

    (855) ASK-ECHO (toll free)= 

  2. California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

    (800) 884-1684 (toll free)

  3. Bay Area Legal Aid
    (925) 219-3325

Housing Services for Persons with Disabilities

These programs provide information for individuals with disabilities seeking housing.

  1. Independent Living Resource of Solano & Contra Costa County
    (925) 754-0539

  2. Regional Center of the East Bay
    (925) 691-2300

  3. California Department of Developmental Services
    (916) 654-1690

Landlord / Tenant Issues

These organizations provide information, counseling and mediation for tenant/landlord disputes.

  1. Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity (ECHO)
    (855) ASK-ECHO (toll free)

  2. Center for Human Development

    Conflict Resolution and Mediation
    (925) 687-8844

  3. Bay Area Legal Aid
    (925) 219-3325

  4. Shelter, Inc.
    (925) 335-0698

  5. Tenants Together
    (415) 495-8100

Sustainability and Home Improvement

While the City of Lafayette does not offer funding programs, there are a number of regional, state and federal funding programs available to residents and businesses.

Programs to Fix Up My Home

The County of Contra Costa makes available a number of programs for homeowners.

Have additional questions about Affordable Housing?

Please contact City of Lafayette Planners Payal Bhagat, or Niroop K. Srivatsa,