Planning FAQs

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  • Q:What are the requirements for a second unit?

  • Q:What are the requirements to open a massage establishment?

  • Q:What are the permitted construction hours?

  • Q:What are my setbacks?

  • Q:I want to raise chickens. Can I keep them in my yard?

  • Q:How do I get a re-roof permit?

  • Q:How do I talk to a planner? What are the counter hours?

  • Q:Is my project subject to design review?

  • Q:Do my neighbors have a permit?

  • Q:Do I need a permit?

  • Q:Can I make an appointment to see a planner?

  • Q:What is my Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)?

  • Q:Is there a fee for creek setback review?

  • Q:If my proposed work is within the creek setback area, can I apply for an exception to proceed with the work?

  • Q:What is a creek setback area, and how is it determined for my property?

  • Q:When do I need an Encroachment Permit?

  • Q:How do I get my Encroachment Permit deposit back?

  • Q:How do I get an Encroachment Permit?

  • Q:Why would the City ever allow developments to exceed their zoned density limits?

  • Q:How do I get a copy of the municipal code?

  • Q:How do I get a business license?

  • Q:Do I need a permit for a yard or garage sale?

  • Q:Where can I get building permit records?