Vacation Home Checks

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It’s no fun for anyone when residents return from a trip refreshed and ready to start the post-vacation clean-up when they find their home has been burglarized.  While we have a desire to solve every one of these cases, it’s difficult to do when two weeks have passed since the last time anyone saw the home. Let us check on your house  -- FREE OF CHARGE -- while you are gone.  We will come to your house, make sure it is safe, and then send you a text each day to tell you everything is fine.  To arrange for a vacation check, send us a note at or give us a call at (925) 283-3680.

In addition, use the following tips to help prevent break-ins:


Copy questions below and email to

Resident Name: 


Home Phone: 

Cell Phone:

Departure Date:   

Return Date:  

In Case of Emergency Call:  

Lights:               Timer:    Hours:    Rooms:                     

Vehicles:             Driveway          Street    Desc. : 

Alarm:                Company: 

Pool:                   Pool Service:    Day:                  AM / PM Vehicle Type.   

Gardner:            Day:                                            AM / PM Vehicle Type.

Maintenance Service:  Type:     Day:                  AM  / PM Vehicle Type.


Side Gates Locked: