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The City of Lafayette is required by the Federal Clean Water Act and the State Regional Water Resources Control Board to protect our creeks and storm drains from discharges that could cause pollutants to enter the City’s storm drains or other waterways.

Some ways to protect our storm drains, creeks, the San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean include:

  • Don’t litter
  • Allow only rain down the storm drain
  • Do not connect an indoor drain or other indoor plumbing to a storm drain or empty to the outdoors
  • Keep liquids and hazardous wastes out of trash dumpsters
  • Dispose of rags or absorbents saturated with hazardous material as hazardous waste. Recycle oil-based paints, pesticides, antifreeze.
  • Use less toxic pest management
  • If you wash your car at home, wash on a lawn or gravel driveway so water does not run into the street or storm drain.
  • Recycle used motor oil and used oil filters.

Report immediately any illegal dumping you observe
Call 1-800-NODUMPING

City of Lafayette Public Works (925) 934-3908