Tree & Vegetation Trimming

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Tree and Vegetation Trimming Guidelines

Property owners are responsible for maintaining trees and vegetation so they do not encroach into the street. If property owners do not comply with the standards, the Public Works department will complete the work and bill owners for the cost.

Before any major trimming or before removal of any tree, refer to City Ordinance No. 539, Chapter 6-17 Tree Protection.

Trees must be trimmed as follows:

  • 7 feet between sidewalk and lowest branch
  • 14 feet 6 inches between lowest branch and curbed street or pavement edge
  • At least 3 feet between tree and pavement edge
Vegetation must be trimmed as follows:
  • 3 feet from sidewalk
  • 3 feet from pavement edge
  • Maximum height of 3 feet at intersections
  • It is recommended that you trim an extra few feet to minimize frequency of trimming.
  • Typical intersections call for a minimum standard of 25 feet of visibility along each property to allow an unobstructed view.
Landscaping (except trees) must be trimmed as follows:
  • 30 inches high above curb or 36 inches above street elevation
  • Trim tree branches