Creek Inspections

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To help keep our creeks as healthy as possible, members of the Lafayette Creeks Committee have volunteered to walk sections of the creeks to find and identify invasive plant species, particularly Arundo donax, a plant species that looks similar to bamboo or tall reeds. Arundo damages the riparian ecosystem by outcompeting native species, such as willow, for water, and it does not provide any food sources or nesting habitats for wildlife.

Residents who live along our beautiful Lafayette creeks were recently sent a letter providing guidelines for keeping local waterways and creeks free from pollutants and blockages, and for keeping water flowing properly, thus minimizing the potential for flooding.

The letter also informed residents that if they preferred NOT to grant the Creeks Committee members  access through their property to walk their portion of the creek, they should contact the City offices by June 24, 1019.  A list of those addresses has been compiled and given to the Creeks Committee.

If you are a creekside property resident who did not receive the letter or who overlooked the mention of disallowing access for creek inspections, but would like your address added to the list, please contact Danielle Sanchez as soon as possible at or (925) 299-3245.

Inspections are scheduled to commence on or about July 1, initially in portions of Las Trampas Creek.