Community Events Board

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The purpose of Lafayette’s Community Events Board is to advertise events sponsored by the City of Lafayette. During periods when no City-sponsored events are advertised, the City may at its discretion make the Board available to local non-profit community groups to advertise upcoming events and activities of broad benefit to Lafayette residents.


The use of the Community Events Board shall be administered at the City’s discretion and is restricted to use by the City for City-sponsored events. The Board may also be used by local non-profit groups to promote events that are:

  1. of broad benefit to the entire Lafayette community;
  2. not of a(n) political, commercial, obscene, indecent, religious, or partisan nature;
  3. not for the sole purpose of soliciting donations, supporters, or members;
  4. of interest to a substantial portion of the community;
  5. take place within the City limits.


The completed banner application must be submitted to the City using the Community Events Board Application. The application is available on the City website, Banner art is due no later than four weeks before the banner will be hung and must be accompanied by a full-color replica of the banner. Note that the calendar fills up quickly. In order to secure dates, submit your request as soon as possible, but no more than twelve (12) months in advance.

The City Manager or their designee has sole discretion to approve, amend, reschedule, redesign, reword, or reject banner applications that do not meet the criteria indicated in these guidelines, which are not in the best interests of the City of Lafayette, or which conflict with other banners already scheduled or that have a higher priority. Applicants are discouraged from arguing with the City Manager or their designee about their banner application. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a City staff member regarding the City’s decision, either by e-mail or phone call. If your application had been approved and your event has been cancelled and/or changed, please contact City Offices so that your time will be removed from the calendar. This will give groups that may be on a waiting list an opportunity to promote their event. Please call the City Clerk at (925) 284-1968 if you have questions regarding these guidelines.


  1. All banners shall be 88 inches long by 36 inches wide.

  2. All text shall be at least four inches high in a font that is easily readable (e.g. Arial or Times). “Fancy fonts” are not recommended. Samples of effective banner designs are attached to the application form.

  3. Banners shall not have more than four lines of text. Banners with more than four lines are not easily readable and therefore not effective. Repeat: Banners shall not have more than four lines of text. (Did we mention that banners with more than four lines of text will be rejected?)

  4. A City staff member will contact you approximately one month prior to your banner being displayed. Banner art and text is due for City review and approval no later than three weeks before the banner will be hung and must be accompanied by a full-color replica of the banner. This must be a full size file (36"x88") and as a pdf document. The best images to use for logos and photographs are high resolution. Using low-resolution files that you want to enlarge for printing will likely print grainy or pixilated.

  5. No banner shall be hung without prior written approval by the City Manager or his designee.

  6. Banners are hung for one week, installed and removed on Mondays by City staff. There is no fee to hang banners. Printed banner must be delivered to the City Clerk at least one week before the banner is scheduled to be hung.*

  7. Unless alternate instruction is provided to the City Clerk, (925) 284-1968 banners will be discarded by City staff at the end of the display period.

  8. Applicant shall assume all liability associated with the banner application and will hold the City harmless. The City will not assume any liability associated with the banner program.

*Please be advised, should an unscheduled City event occur during your previously approved time slot, the City of Lafayette reserves the right to take precedence.


The City does not pay for printing. The following is a partial list of companies in the area that do banner printing.

  • Diablo Rapid Print: (925) 283-6610
  • Kinkos: (925) 284-8484
  • Minuteman Press: (925) 945-6006
  • Pro Copy & Printing (free delivery): (510) 451-1546


There is no fee to hang banners.


If your request cannot be accommodated because the banner board has been scheduled by another party, you may request that your event be promoted on the  front page of City's website under "Announcements".  Contact the City Clerk at (925) 284-1968 for details.  Those that can apply are the same groups that qualify under the Community Events Board guidelines.

Community Events Board Guidelines and Application