Permits, Forms & Fees

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Building Permit
Find out if you need a permit and how to get one.

Business Registration
The City of Lafayette does not require a Business License or Business Registration.
Businesses are free to operate without a Business License or Registration from the City, provided that they comply with local zoning regulations (e.g. the use is permitted in the zoning district, parking standards are met, etc.) Please contact or (925) 284-1976 to inquire about permitted uses and parking standards.

If you believe that the City of Lafayette or its employee(s) has caused damage to you, your personal property or real property, you have the right to file a claim against the City for damages. Claim forms are available at City Offices through the City Clerk's office during normal business hours or online

Code Enforcement
You may fill out a confidential Code Enforcement Complaint form online. However, the City does not handle all types of issues, so please refer to the Code Enforcement page before contacting the City.

Community Center Rental
The Community Center has 10 rooms which are various sized and used for a number of recreational purposes. Examples include classes for all ages, special events, lectures and meetings. Some of the rooms may be rented by the general public on the weekends.

Community Events Board
The main purpose of Lafayette's Community Events Board is to advertise events sponsored by the City of Lafayette. During periods when no City-sponsored events are advertised, the City may at its discretion make the Board available to local non-profit community groups to advertise upcoming events and activities of broad benefit to Lafayette residents. Click the title for guidelines and a printable application form. 

Community Park Picnic & Sports Field Rentals
An application is required for use of the group picnic area and use of the sports fields for baseball, softball and soccer. No other use of these fields is allowed. If you are interested in applying for use of the fields or reserving the group picnic area, please call the Lafayette Parks & Recreation Department at (925) 284-2232 to check if the date you are requesting is available

Creek Setback Exception
If you have a creek-side property, and you are contemplating work, you will need a creek setback determination.

Encroachment Permit
If you perform any work or store materials and equipment within the City’s right-of-way, you need an Encroachment Permit. Generally, the City’s right-of-way extends about 20-25 feet from the center of the road on most residential streets, and much wider on thoroughfares.

Fee Schedules
Administrative & Police Fees 
Planning & Development Fees

Public Works Fees

Happy Valley Road Parking Permit Application 
On May 23, 2016 the City Council approved a list of parking solutions for immediate implementation. One of the items on that list is to reserve the 35 on-street parking spaces on Happy Valley Road (from the freeway to Deerhill Road) for Lafayette residents for a test period of six months. If spaces are fully occupied during the test period, consideration will be given to make the arrangement permanent.

Completion of this Happy Valley Road Parking Permit will submit a request for your license plate to be added to the approved list for this pilot program. You may fill out a hard copy of the application at the city offices at 3675 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Suite 210 if you prefer. After you have submitted this form, you will receive email confirmation that your application has been received and then a second email that your application has been approved (usually within 1-2 business days).

There is no cost for this permit, but be advised that residents who are approved for a Happy Valley Road Parking Permit still must pay the parking meter adjacent to their parking space. Note that Happy Valley Road Parking Permits are being issued to all qualified applicants. Obtaining a permit allows you to park in the on-street parking spaces on Happy Valley Road under Highway 24 but does not guarantee space availability.

Massage Establishment Certification
Required to operate or work in a massage establishment.

Planning Application Forms
For Lafayette Planning & Building Services Division applications and information, please visit the Planning & Building Page

Public Works Maintenance Request
To report potholes, streelight outages, traffic signal problems and other public works issues, fill out the following on-line form, or call the Public Works Hotline at (925) 299-3259.

Recreation Class Registration
Register for Parks & Recreation classes up to 7 days before the class starts or until the class is full.

Residential Parking Permit 
For designated neighborhoods, the City of Lafayette offers Residential Parking Permits for $51.00 per calendar year.

Solicitor's Permit
Anyone who goes to a private residence or business without being invited for the purpose of taking orders for the sale of goods, merchandise, or services is required to have a solicitor's permit.

Transportation Action Request
Do you have a concern about vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian safety? The Transportation Action Request Form is the first step towards review of your transportation concern, such as changes in parking regulations, or installing stop signs or crosswalks.

Transportation Permit
Vehicles carrying oversize loads, e.g. heavy construction or earthmoving equipment, within the City limits require a Transportation Permit to ensure they will be traveling on approved routes.

Tree Permit
A Tree Permit is required to remove or destroy a protected tree, as defined in the Tree Preservation Ordinance. The intent of this review is to evaluate whether the protected tree warrants removal and determine appropriate mitigation.