Density Bonus Ordinance

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Density Bonus Ordinance

The City of Lafayette is in the process of drafting a Density Bonus Ordinance.  A density bonus is a provision of State law which allows a developer to ask for and receive additional housing density in return for providing affordable or senior housing. Even if the City does not adopt its own Density Bonus ordinance, it is still required to comply with the provisions of the State’s Density Bonus law, which include:

  • Granting a sliding scale of market-rate density bonus percentages (20%-35%) based on the percentage of proposed affordable units;
  • Providing up to three development concessions or incentives, depending on the percentage of affordable units provided;
  • Granting a density bonus if a developer donates land for very low income housing; and
  • Requiring jurisdictions to implement Density Bonus law through local codes.

Public Hearings

The draft Density Bonus Ordinance was considered by the Planning Commission on Monday, September 15, 2014 during a public hearing.  The Commission forwarded a recommendation of approval to the City Council.

 The City Council will introduce the item at a public hearing on Tuesday, October 15, 2014.   


If you have any questions about the Density Bonus Ordinance, please contact planning staff:

- Niroop Srivatsa at (925) 299-3206
- Lindy Chan at (925) 299-3202
- Greg Wolff at (925) 299-3204