Housing Element Update

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The Housing Element is a component a jurisdiction’s General Plan. It contains information on housing needs of the community, including lower-income households and people with special needs, such as homeless persons, seniors, and people with disabilities. The Housing Element provides a detailed explanation of how the jurisdiction addresses the needs of the community, along with proposals for the future based on an analysis of the needs. Lastly, it contains an inventory of sites within the community that may be used for housing. State law requires that each city and county in California adopt a Housing Element and it is the only element of a General Plan that must be approved by the State. Housing Elements are usually updated every five to eight years. The City’s current adopted Housing Element covers 2014-2022.  The City has prepared a handout to address frequently asked questions.   

The City of Lafayette’s Housing Element was certified by the State of California on March 26, 2015.



If you have any questions about the Housing Element Update, please contact planning staff:

- Greg Wolff at (925) 299-3204