Terraces - Original Project

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On December 9, 2013 staff introduced an alternative for the Terraces Development. For more information, please go here.

Proposed Project

O’Brien Land Company, LLC proposes to build 14 apartment buildings housing 315 moderate-income apartments on a 22-acre parcel owned by the AMD Family Trust, at the southwest corner of Deer Hill Road and Pleasant Hill Road. Seven of the buildings would be three-stories, seven would be two-stories. There would also be a two-story club house (13,300 sq.ft.), a one-story leasing office (950 sq.ft.) and 569 parking spaces. The residential building area would be 332,395 sq.ft and the project building area would be 410,547 sq.ft. The project would require removal of 92 trees and 500,000 cubic yards of earth movement. The property is located within the Hillside Overlay District at 3233 Deer Hill Road. APN 232-150-027

Environmental Review

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project was initiated in the fall of 2011 and the Draft EIR was released for public review in May 2012. The number and extent of comments received on the Draft EIR, including those from the applicant, was substantial and required time to prepare responses. The Final EIR was released on November 19, 2012. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Final EIR on January 7, 2013 at which time over 300 pages of comments were received. The time required to respond to those comments resulted in the matter being continued from February into March. The Planning Commission held a second hearing and certified the EIR for the project on March 4, 2013.

The applicant appealed that decision and the City Council held three public hearings to consider the appeal. The City Council found that the EIR had been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and certified the EIR on August 12, 2013 (agendas and staff reports here).

Tolling Agreement

On September 11, 2013 the City entered into a tolling agreement with the applicant. The City Attorney’s office has prepared a memo to explain the reasoning for entering into the agreement.

Project Review

Project review is underway with multiple City bodies considering the merits of the project itself, including the Circulation Commission, Design Review Commission, Parks Trails & Recreation Commission and Planning Commission. Please see the schedule of dates and locations for public meetings on the proposed project. Each of the City’s public meetings will appear on the City Calendar the week prior to the meeting, where you can find the agenda and staff report. You may also email Greg Wolff, Acting Planning Director, to ask to be added to the email distribution list specific to this project.

9/16/2013 - The Circulation Commission held its first meeting on the Terraces of Lafayette. The applicant presented the project to the Commission, including 30 slides to illustrate the improvements the project would make to the vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian circulation systems. The Commission asked questions of the applicant and staff including adequacy of sight distance at the project driveways, where overflow parking would occur, and where student pick-up and drop-off would occur. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Commission continued the matter to October 21 to allow the applicant time to respond to the issues listed in the staff report and questions raised at the meeting.

10/4/2013 Update: The applicant has requested a continuance from 10/21 to 11/4 so that revisions to the project stemming from the 9/16 Circulation Commission meeting and 9/30 Design Review Commission meeting can be coordinated. 

10/4/2013 Update: On September 30th, the Design Review Commission (DRC) held its first hearing on the Project. Staff provided its report, the project architect presented the design of the project, and members of the public spoke during the public comment period. The Commission asked many questions about the style of the architecture, building heights, amount of grading proposed and why the layout of the project had taken that form. The Commission wanted a much better understanding from the applicant of how the proposed design was arrived at and why they believed it was the best solution for the site. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Commissioners asked the applicant to bring back alternatives that would address the Commission’s comments. The DRC will hold its next hearing on the project on October 28.

11/15/2013 Update: The Circulation Commission held its second meeting on the project on November 4. The applicant presented slides showing 14 potential transportation improvements that could be part of the project. Options included relocating the main project entrance from Pleasant Hill Road to Deer Hill Road, bus turn-outs, a student drop-off/pick-up area, and a pedestrian/bicycle path from Brown Avenue through the project site and up the west side of Pleasant Hill Road to Springhill Road. The Commission asked the applicant to provide details on the options presented and asked staff to analyze them. The matter was scheduled to come back on the November 18 agenda, however, additional time is needed to review the submitted materials, so it will return to the Circulation Commission for further discussion on December 2

More Information

For more information on this project, please contact Greg Wolff, (925) 299-3204.

Availability of the EIR:

- Call (925) 284-1968 to obtain a copy on CD
- View a printed copy at the City of Lafayette Offices - 3675 Mt. Diablo Boulevard, Suite 210
- View a printed copy at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Reference Desk - 3491 Mt. Diablo Boulevard.
- View a digital copy below -- all links are PDFs.  Note that some items are very large and may take a long time to load.

Application Materials
Acoustic Report (2.4 MB)
Biological Assessment (106 KB)
Civil Plans (5.7 MB)
Landscape Plans (19.9 MB)
Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (19.4MB)
Project Description  (264 KB)
Site Plan (1.1 MB)
Traffic Study (2.9 MB)
Vegetation Communities  (19.3 MB)
Visual Analysis (18.2 MB)
Visual Simulations
(9.9 MB)

DEIR Materials
01. Cover Vol I (2.1 MB)
02. Table of Contents  (102 KB)
03. Chapter 1 Introduction (98 KB)
04. Chapter 2 Report Summary  (382 KB)
05. Chapter 3 Project Description  (7.8 MB)
06. Chapter 4 Environmental Evaluation  (707 KB)
07. Chapter 4-1 Aesthetics Visual Resources  (4.2 MB)
08. Chapter 4-2 Air Quality  (413 KB)
09. Chapter 4-3 Biological Resources  (3.2 MB)
10. Chapter 4-4 Cultural Resources  (1.9 MB)
11. Chapter 4-5 Geology Soils Seismicity (4.7 MB) 
12. Chapter 4-6 GHG Emissions (266 KB)
13. Chapter 4-7 Hazards Hazardous Materials  (1.5 MB)
14. Chapter 4-8 Hydrology Water Quality (292 KB)
15. Chapter 4-9 Land Use Planning  (4.6 MB)
16. Chapter 4-10 Noise  (932 KB)
17. Chapter 4-11 Population Housing  (223 KB)
18. Chapter 4-12 Public Services  (4.1 MB)
19. Chapter 4-13 Transportation Traffic (2.2 MB)
20. Chapter 4-14 Utilities Service Systems (404 KB)
21. Chapter 5 Alternatives (957 KB)
22. Chapter 6 CEQA-Required Assessment  (149 KB)
23. Chapter 7 Report Preparation (68 KB)
24. Cover Vol. II Appendices (284 KB)
25. Table of Contents Vol. II Appendices (18 KB)
26. Appendix A. NOP. IS (1.0 MB)
27. Appendix B. NOP. Scoping (4.2 MB)
28. Appendix C(a). Project Conceptual Site Plans (10.8 MB)
29. Appendix C(b). Project Conceptual Site Plans  (16.4 MB)
30. Appendix D(a). Conceptual Landscaping Plans (7.8 MB)
31. Appendix D(b). Conceptual Landscaping Plans  (10.2 MB)
32. Appendix E. Preliminary Civil Engineering Plans  (5.5 MB)
33. Appendix F. Biological Resources Data  (8.6 MB)
34. Appendix G. Preliminary Stormwater Control Plan (4.3 MB)
35. Appendix H. Air Quality GHG HRA  (8.0 MB)
36. Appendix I. Noise Data ((7.1 MB)
37. Cover Vol. III Appendices (286 KB)
38. Table of Contents Vol. III Appendices (18 KB)
39. Appendix J. Traffic Data (5.1 MB)
40. Appendix K. Phase I Phase II ESA (14.1 MB)
41. Appendix L. Service & Utilities Response Letters (1.4 MB)
42. Appendix M. Geology Soils Data (4.1 MB)
43. Appendix N. Cultural Resources Data  (944 KB)
44. Appendix O. Lighting Study  (648 KB)

FEIR Materials
01. - 29. Volume I  (6 MB)
30. - 39. Volume II (16 MB)
40. FEIR Vol III. Cover (2 MB)
41. FEIR Vol III. Table of Contents (21 KB)
42. FEIR Vol III. Comments - State Agencies (282KB)
43. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Regional Agencies (251KB)
44. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Local Agencies (PDF) (233KB)
45. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 1  (4.7 MB)
46. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 2  (6.9 MB)
47. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 3  (4.4 MB)
48. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 4  (4.0 MB)
49. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 5  (5.9 MB)
50. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 6  (3.9 MB)
51. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 7  (5.4 MB)
52. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 8  (5.2 MB)
53. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 9  (7.1 MB)
54. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 10 7.2 MB)
55. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 11 (5.2 MB)
56. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 12 (5.9 MB)
57. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Organizations Part 13 (2.2 MB)
58. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Individuals Part 1 (3.5 MB)
59. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Individuals Part 2 (1.9 MB)
60. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Individuals Part 3 (3.2 MB)
61. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Individuals Part 4 (4.0 MB)
62. FEIR Vol III. Comments - Oral  (237 KB)
63. FEIR Vol III. Appendix Q Deer Hill Chronology (49 KB)