Lafayette 50th Anniversary Give a Gift of Green Campaign

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Green GiftIn honor of Lafayette’s 50th Anniversary, we’re calling on 1,000 homes and businesses to participate in the city’s largest ever community gift of green energy. In about a minute, any Lafayette home or business can Opt Up to MCE Deep Green and choose 100% renewable electricity sourced from California wind and solar farms.

It’s simple to convert to Deep Green, and costs just $0.01 more per kWh (about $5/mo. for an average household). 

Enroll today in Deep Green. Click below or call MCE at (888) 632-3674.



 Message from Mayor Don Tatzin:


“The 50th Anniversary Community Green Gift is a special opportunity for all Lafayette citizens  and businesses to give something and get something in return. By choosing Deep Green 100% renewable energy for our homes and businesses, we’re actually “giving a gift” to the city we love: we’re using cleaner energy; we’re cutting air pollution by a ton of greenhouse gases per participating household each year; and we’re setting Lafayette off on a more sustainable path for the next 50 years. It’s a wonderful gift to the city, and a wonderful gift to ourselves and our children and grandchildren.  Please join me this year in Opting Up to Deep Green, 100% Renewable Energy. Visit the City of Lafayette’s website at for more information and to sign up."


+ What is the 50th Anniversary Community Green Gift?

This campaign seeks to enlist 1000 Lafayette residents and businesses to Opt Up to MCE Deep Green 100% renewable energy in a community-wide effort to “green our city” as a gift to our planet, our city and ourselves. If we achieve this goal, Lafayette would become the #1 Deep Green community in MCE’s service area.

+ What happens when I sign-up to participate in the 50th Anniversary Community Green Gift?

Lafayette residents and businesses who choose to participate will have their electricity accounts enrolled in MCE’s Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy Service.  With your permission, your name will also be listed and acknowledged on the City of Lafayette’s website of those who have participated in the 50th Anniversary gift campaign.

+ How much does it cost to Opt Up to Deep Green?

The cost to Opt Up from MCE Light Green 50% Renewable service to MCE Deep Green 100% Renewable service is $0.01 more per kWh. For a typical residence which uses 451 kWh/mo., the difference would be $4.51 per month more for Deep Green. See these rate comparisons for more details.

+ What if I sign up and then change my mind later?

At any time, you can switch from MCE Deep Green back to Light Green service, with no charge for switching.

+ I’m already a Deep Green customer, can I still participate in the Green Gift?

Yes, if you’re already Deep Green, thank you! Please email us at and let us know the name on your electric account, and your address. Please state that you give us permission to list you as a 50th Anniversary gift participant.

+Other questions?

Please contact us for more information at 


Thank you to our 50th Anniversary Green Gift Supporting Organizations


City of Lafayette

Sustainable Lafayette

Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

Town Hall Theater

Temple Isaiah

Rising Loafer Cafe & Bakery


Acalanes High School

Lafayette Community Garden

Lafayette Christian Church

Our Savior's Lutheran Church 

Amy Dryer Design

Contact us if your organization would like to participate in the Community Green Gift Campaign and be listed here! Write to